A Prayer for Adorning the Gospel

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March 15, 2017 by directorfsm

March 15

Urge bond-servants to be subject to their own masters in everything, to be pleasing and not talk back, 10 not stealing [things, regardless of value], but proving themselves trustworthy, so that in every respect they will adorn and do credit to the teaching of God our Savior. Titus 2:9-10 Amplified Bible (AMP)*

Gracious Father, while jogging today I came upon your Son’s name in a recently poured sidewalk. “Jesus loves you” was scribbled in the cement with either a finger or a stick. The elder brother in me reared his ugly head, and I wanted to find the culprit and ask, “What were you thinking? You defaced private property, identified yourself as a Christian, and this is supposed to make the gospel attractive to nonbelievers?”

But it didn’t take me long to move from being a self-appointed prosecuting attorney to a convicted son. For I realize you have every right to ask me, “What are you thinking when you and your friends carry on a conversation about me in a restaurant, then undertip your server? And what are you thinking when you drive like a madman on the interstate with a fish symbol on the back of your car? And what are you thinking when you overindulge in food and beverage and call it ‘Christian liberty’? And what are you thinking when you cop an attitude when lines, traffic, and servicepeople don’t move fast enough for you?”

Father, the gospel is attractive all by itself. You’re not calling me to “spice it up,” put a bow on it, or add anything to it, for there’s no such need. I simply must be more careful not to hide its beauty by my foolishness and lack of manners. Continue to show me what it means to do all things in line with the truth of the gospel (Gal. 2: 14). I pray in Jesus’ peerless name. Amen.

* Original has NIV translation
Smith, Scotty. Everyday Prayers: 365 Days to a Gospel-Centered Faith (p. 88). Baker Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.

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