Devotional -Plus Interesting Reads – 04/15/2023

LUKE 23 Chapter CONTEXT from Matthew Henry Bible Commentary (complete) . The circumstances are never too adverse, nor the hour too late, to offer the gospel of Christ to someone. Saturday, April 15, 2023 Reaching Out to Others “‘Truly I say to you, today you shall be with Me in Paradise’” (Luke 23:43). Join us via livestream on … More Devotional -Plus Interesting Reads – 04/15/2023

The Forgotten God

TOM ASCOL There is a direct connection between ignorance of God and rampant societal lawlessness. We can no longer assume that the people in America understand even the basic truths about the true God. Those of us who do know Him, must teach them… READ MORE > > > RELATED: Reaffirming Sola Scriptura Why is … More The Forgotten God

Devotional Thought for Today – 12/02/2022

Hebrews 1 Chapter CONTEXT from Matthew Henry Bible Commentary (complete): In this chapter we have a twofold comparison stated: I. Between the evangelical and legal dispensation; and the excellency of the gospel above that of the law is asserted and proved (v. 1-3). II. Between the glory of Christ and that of the highest creatures, … More Devotional Thought for Today – 12/02/2022

Devotional Thought for Today – 12/01/2022

GALATIANS 1 Chapter CONTEXT from MHCC: The apostle Paul asserts his apostolic character against such as lessened it. (1-5) He reproves the Galatians for revolting from the gospel of Christ under the influence of evil teachers. (6-9) He proves the Divine authority of his doctrine and mission; and declares what he was before his conversion … More Devotional Thought for Today – 12/01/2022

Preaching With Purpose

In 1850, aged sixteen, Spurgeon was tricked into preaching his first sermon. At that time, a small preaching group based at St. Andrew’s Street Chapel in Cambridge was used to supplying preachers for the surrounding villages. Impressed by the recently converted teenager, the leader of the group asked Spurgeon to go to the little village … More Preaching With Purpose

Devotional Thought for Today – 11/24/2022

When I read the following devotional this morning my mind went not to the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse but to the men pictured above. Notre Dame backfield of Stuhldreher, Crowley, Miller, and Layden, known as the four horsemen, was the most fabled quartet in college football history. Quarterback Harry Stuhldreher, left halfback Jim Crowley, … More Devotional Thought for Today – 11/24/2022