Jan 26th 2014 Prayer List

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January 27, 2014 by directorfsm


Special Prayer Requests

26 Jan 2014


The gentleman in CA who was involved in the motorcycle accident has been released from hospital to a rehab center. He is paralyzed but is praising God for being alive.


Please pray for the victims and especially for the families of those killed due to the recent ice storms in South MS.

Pray for our dear friend Mike Gaydosh’s business Solid Ground Books.

Pray for Mr. Erroll House of S. Africa as he recovers from a stroke

Pray for Lola Thomas (Geoffrey Thomas’s wife) as she recovers from a stroke

Pastor Bill Lash as he undergoes hip replacement surgery

Our friend from Portugal, Tiago and his family as he prepares for the ministry at RTS

 Inmate Requests

James and family on the passing of his dad

The McNair family especially Louise who has diabetes

Ronnie’s mom Mary

Clayton’s sister Tanya who is incarcerated

Carlton asked we pray for Shannon who had a stroke

David’s brother a new believer struggling with alcohol and his marriage

Dan’s mom who is undergoing chemo

Ed’s mom who broke her leg

Matt’s mom who is recovering from bypass surgery

Shannon that upon his release he can reestablish contact with his children

Erin who is incarcerated

Jessie for health issues

 Our Internet Friends

Gwen asks prayers for Terry, that the doctors will know how to best treat the tumor, and also for God’s complete healing. Praying for Michael, that the septicemia and pneumonia will soon leave his body, in Jesus’ name, and that he will be totally healed and restored.

Mary V asks Please pray for healing for my brother Michael Brutosky who has septicemia and pneumonia.

Please pray for Terry Neuman who just had a large brain tumor removed in a seven hour operation. May it be benign. Prayers are working for both. MIchael was better today. Terry can now move his paralyzed right leg. Thank you for more prayers

John asks Yes , am very happy about this, please pray for Love of God in Kenya. Since I have the burden for the orphans and it over lapped with so many, we need your prayer to get , volunteers missionaries, partners and donors to give the hand of support for them

Rev. Shalom Asks  -Pray for the anointing of God to be upon our ministry SEPRIMI

-Pray for the divine provision of God to be able to buy the P/A system for Crusades and outreaches to Prison squares.

-Pray for supernatural provision for the tuition of our students at post graduate level, to do courses in computer science, Information Technology, Social Development, Agriculture, Governance and Accountability, Human Rights Advocacy, Child protection and Public health.

– We shall be grateful for your persistent prayers, as we also pray for you. Colosians 4:12

Yolanda asks Pray for BumPop Ministry going into to small churches to show how to grow in Christ through Small Groups. How to connect with their Community by using Small Groups , Small Groups are a way to bring the Un-Church & Small Groups is away to connect those in your church. Pray for BumPop

Kimberley asks prayers for OnInmate.com and Justice Served NC.

 Our Friends from ARBCA

Please pray for continued strength for the ministry and safety in travel as well as the blessing of the Lord in this ministry.

Lakeshore Baptist Church

Praise God that we at Lakeshore passed all our rough in inspections on the new church building last week.

Pray for the ongoing construction of the new church. God has seen fit to fill our calendar with volunteer teams this summer.  Please keep all them in prayer for safety and efficiency. Pray for finances to complete the project.

Pray for Ms B. who runs our Mercy House distribution center, she had a heart attack and 2 stints put in

Mr Gary who is back in the hospital

Mr James who has taken a down turn

Ms Sheryl who is recovering from hip replacement

Gabriel who is having problems after knee surgery

Trina’s uncle who has many health issues

Robert’s friend who has cancer

Emily as she preps for master’s exam

Continued Prayers for Naida and I in our work in Lakeshore.

Pray we can reach folks in the community, that we will be an asset to Pastor Don and the church here.

Pray for Naida’s family, especially her sons she left in MA.

Continued healing prayers for:

Dan M. recovery from Quad Bi-pass

Bob and Vickie B. Multiple Scoliosis

Miss B who has been having heart issues

Shelia W. diabetes related issues

Mr. Sam as he continues to fight cancer

Mr. Dan continued recovery from a stroke

Mr. David Travis who has serious health issues

Mike’s mom (local family) who is battling cancer

Employment for;

Robert O., Zack B.

Fellow Ministries

THE ROBINSON’s Bluegrass Sing and Jam

For prayer needs, please pray for Rita who is having a spot of cancer taken off her lip on Tuesday. Pray for Holly’s job situation and for a friend of her brother’s family health situation. Please pray for Greg & Sandy in Maine. Greg suffered a heart attack and his step-mother was hospitalized the same week. We praise the Lord that Greg is already back to work after a heart stent was put in. There are also some unspoken prayer requests from our mission field that we would covet your prayers for. God knows what they are.

We so appreciate the prayer and financial support for the Gospel Sing Ministry. May our Heavenly Father bless you faithful stewards in a great and mighty way.

Friends of Jesus,
Mike & Mary Robinson

Wells of Hope Academy, Uganda:


1. We need to build aprons and Verandah on the classroom block.
2. Lightening Protection installation on the buildings.
3. We need to construct a bathroom/toilet for the teachers and another bathroom/toilet for the children on the class room side.
4. Fire Alarm System installation.
5. Flooring remaining classrooms and Verandah .
6. 60 Metallic Double Decker Beds.
7. We need sponsors for the children .
8. We need a school van /Vehicle.
9. We need a kitchen house and dining hall for the school.
10. We need a church building for the school.
11. We want to construct teachers houses/ quarters.
12. We need dormitory uniforms for the children ( casual wear)
13. We need new uniforms for the children.
14. We need school sweaters for the children
15. We need School shoes and sandals for the children.

You can contribute or follow on facebook, at https://www.facebook.com/groups/139936426116070/ or Website: www.wellsofhope.org Telephone; 256772407716

 Prison Fellowship

Please pray for the following prayer requests:

Eddie: *Please keep in your prayers the TUMI class, moreover the Body of Christ in this facility as things are getting a little crazy in here (again)…That we would be strengthened in our time of need against the forces of evil in this place. That the administration would be wise and root out the tyranny before it gets any worse. ** Please join me as I pray for the homeless and hungry. My heart has been drawn to these needy individuals of late. That a solution can be reached which will ease their suffering. *** Please pray for me as I continue to listen and wait for God’s personal calling for me. I seem to be in-between jobs and am not sure where He is guiding me. **** Please pray that my son, daughter, grand-daughters and father will put their issues aside and that my Dad will accept my kids and grandkids and agree to get to know them.

Troy: Thank you for all the blessings you make available for all of us whether we accept them or not. For peace to be encouraged by all at Brooks facility. Thank you for God’s salvation plan through faith in Jesus. Thank you for the power of the Holy Spirit. Amen!

Patrick: Please pray for me, my family, the Chaplain and all the volunteers. I ask God to meet all our needs and that we all will be kept near to Him. I pray that my relationship to God’s Word will keep growing. Remember the sick , homeless and those who are no longer with us in TUMI. Pray for the warden and her staff.

Potts: Please pray for the Spirit of God to keep us, order our steps, and watch over us as we do the will of the Father.

Willie: Happy New Year, Saints and Prayer Warriors! Thank you for your many prayers for the Body of Christ, TUMI, and for me. Hallelujah! Rom 4:17, Isaiah 65:23,24 I love you all with ‘Agape’ love!

Ken: Please pray for my upcoming commutation hearing. Pray for the Bible Studies in the units; pray for my family and pray that God will continue His growth in me.

Thomas: First of all, I thank you for all the prayers you have given and for the prayers you will give. I ask that you continue to pray for my family and for the juveniles freedom in Michigan. I also ask for your prayers concerning the truth in regards to me having a child. I have been trying to find out since 1991, so I need your strong prayer in this matter. Thank you very, very much!

Steven: Thank you for the love of God that your demonstrate. Please keep in prayer the unity of the body of believers. There is much going on by way of trials and tribulations here and it seems that all attacks have been launched at particular individuals so please keep their families and loved one’s before God’s throne. I thank you and I know everyone here appreciates your love and commitment to the church and body of Christ. Please also remember in prayer the poor and the destitute.

Prison Fellowship’s Prayer Team offers volunteers the opportunity to take the needs of prisoners before God during regularly scheduled intervals. To learn more about the prayer team, and how you can participate, click here.

International Network of Prison Ministries (INPM)

Prison Ministry Report for 2013

Our Praise Report:

According to Correctional Populations in the United States Report of Bureau of Justice Statistics (December 19, 2013), about 6,937,600 offenders were under the supervision of adult correctional systems at year’s end 2012. In 2012, about 1 in every 35 adults in the United States, or 2.9% of adult residents, was on probation, parole or incarcerated in prison or jail. It’s estimated 1 in every 50 adult residents was supervised in the community on probation or parole.

International Network of Prison Ministries (aka “INPM” or “Prison Ministry Directory”) is a directory of prisons, prison chaplains, prison ministries and publishers of prison ministry materials, serving ministries and friends and family of inmates since 1994.

INPM provides free pages in our Directory, started by INPM and maintained by each ministry. INPM connects more than 200 ministries daily with friends and relatives of inmates by mail with requests for help, prison ministry literature and family situations. Most of prison ministry events are listed in Prison Ministry Calendar of Events

INPM is on the first line of the first page for search of “prison ministry” or “prison ministries”. Internet traffic world-wide related to “prison ministry” starts at INPM and goes to you, our members. As of today INPM is a network is 4584 prison ministers, chaplains and concerned Christians. Most of our members are Volunteer chaplains (1322), Church prison ministries (464), Aftercare organizations (363).

For your information, most neglected prison ministry outreach fields are: Deaf ministry (2) and Books, Bibles, literature, tracts in other than English languages (13).

The most active continents in the world are: North America (3912), Africa (171), Asia (137). Most of the USA prison ministries are in Texas (650), Florida (235), California (199). The least active in the USA is in Utah (8), North Dakota(6), Wyoming (6). Prison ministry capital of the world is Dallas, TX, a home to 87 prison ministries.

 Our Urgent Needs:

In late December 2013 INPM visitors experienced “Bandwidth Limit Exceeded” message. We used-up 78.78 (!) Gig of data (we do not have any streaming videos, bulk downloads, etc – plain pages displayed). As a result we are faced with purchasing a dedicated server with sufficient disc space and more traffic allowance. Also we desperately need your support in wring server software for cell phones and tablets applications so we can accommodate mobile friendly devices. We send Bibles, Bible-study materials, Life-Changing materials to those in need, and we need support for mailing and for storage/processing facility.

Next year INPM will celebrate its 20th anniversary. For two decades I have personally supported this ministry with development and maintenance funds for upkeep of the server and outreach. I cannot do it alone. I need your help. As INPM member, you are prayerfully requested to contribute to our common effort to make our society better and to serve each other in the field of Prison Ministry. If our good Lord speaks to your heart to be a part of INPM financially, please obey.

If your ministry or outreach benefits from our service, kindly consider sharing a small gift with INPM regularly, so we can accomplish more ministry together. On the page below you can find the option that best suits your gifts. You can donate with a check, PayPal or bank transfer. All contributions are tax-deductible. http://prisonministry.net/support.htm

Together we help bring home inmates changed! They are the ones that never return to prison!

Serge Taran, Founder **International Network of Prison Ministries; http://prisonminist ry.net/support. htm

(INPM Prison Ministry 2013 Year-end Report, www.PrisonMinistry.net)


Dear Fellow workers in Christ:
The Lord has called me to serve here in Tanzania through preaching and teaching the gospel to inmates here in season and out of season. We have seven people whom have volunteered to teach and preach the gospel in Prisons in Mbeya. Our challenge with this ministry is  the lack of any means of transportation to serve to inmates as some prisons located in rural areas so it cost much transportation to reach in these Prisons. We have many pastors whom they have interested to preach and teach  the gospel to inmates  in lake zone Mwanza, Bukoba, Tabora, Kigoma, and Singida. I went to visit them in December 2013, and talked with them about starting the prison Ministires and they were very happy to be affiliation with INPM. I request you to have the plan to visit there and we would like to prepare the conference for the prison for encourage the pastors there and those Christians who want to do this work for causes of Christ.

I request you Brother to assist us  with the work we do here in Mbeya. We have the need of financial to help us to run the the ministries here. It is our goal to sign many prisons as best as we can so that  the inmates may hear the Lord’s word and live according to the word of God. And we have the need of some of Bible materials for inmates and some Bibles for inmates, this will help us to serve them more better.

I am looking forward to hearing  from you and working with you
Samuel Mwakasungula
Prisons Ministries in Tanzania
BOx 3083, Mbeya Tanzania East Africa

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