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January 12, 2014 by directorfsm

FSM/FSMWO Special Prayer

Requests Weeks of

12-25 Jan 2014



Naida and I can do nothing but thank God for the abundant blessing poured upon us this past year.  It has been one year since we moved to Mississippi and we continue to be amazed at how He is working in our and the community’s lives. We have been privileged to work hand in hand with volunteers from all across the country as we endeavor to rebuild Lakeshore. Thank you for all your prayers and support.

Also I would like to thank a dear friend Pastor George McDearmon of Ballston Lake Baptist Church NY, who last Wednesday night preached on Perseverance. He encouraged me to get back to work on FSM and FSMWO and this prayer list is the first fruits of that labor.

I received the call yesterday that I have been approved to be the Sunday evening Volunteer Chaplain in our local jail. Please pray I honor God in this endeavor.

Some of you may remember we have been praying from a man from our sending church, Rich Brown who has been recovering from major complications from heart surgery. I just found out and do not have any details but praise God he was baptized today.

Greg Lane of LBC who’s heart seems to be stable since the latest medication change


A young family in CA who had been battling cancer in their young son and now are dealing with a life threatening motorcycle accident of the husband.

Jay, a local man with many burdens, his daughter Amanda who is in remission from cancer

Dan Marra of PVBC recovery from Quad Bi-pass

Rebecca Messer and her children

Casie from Baton rouge who is in ICU after a car accident

Mike’s mom (local family) who is battling cancer

JoEll’s family who is dealing with sickness

Our Friends from ARBCA

Greetings from the Reformed Baptist Church in Payerne, Switzerland

Please pray with us as we seek the Lord’s will for the future projects of the church. During this past year Olivier has been regularly traveling to preach at a small church in Alsace, France. This struggling church is seeking an experienced pastor. Olivier will continue to preach there several times in 2014, as the church decides whether or not to call him as their pastor. If the Lord opens this door, Olivier and Denise would plan to move there to take up the work in the beginning of 2015. The church in Payerne considers calling Stefan to succeed Olivier as the full-time preaching pastor.

Lakeshore Baptist Church

Pray for the ongoing construction of the new church. God has seen fit to fill our calendar with volunteer teams this summer.  Please keep all them in prayer for safety and efficiency. Pray for finances to complete the project.

Front Columns In Plce

Front Columns In Place  .

Continued Prayers for Naida and I in our work in Lakeshore

Pray we can reach folks in the community, that we will be an asset to Pastor Don and the church here.

Pray for Naida’s family, especially her sons she left in MA.

Continued healing prayers for:

Bob and Vickie B. Multiple Scoliosis

Miss B who has been having heart issues

Shelia W. diabetes related issues

Tim Phillips who is recovering from heart attack

Mr. Sam as he continues to fight cancer

Mr. Dan continued recovery from a stroke (Praise God he was able to attend church with us today

Mr. David Travis who has serious health issues

Employment for;

Robert O., Zack B.

Fellow Ministries

Wells of Hope Academy, Uganda:  


1. We need to build aprons and Verandah on the classroom block.
2. Lightening Protection installation on the buildings.
3. We need to construct a bathroom/toilet for the teachers and another bathroom/toilet for the children on the class room side.
4. Fire Alarm System installation.
5. Flooring remaining classrooms and Verandah .
6. 60 Metallic Double Decker Beds.
7. We need sponsors for the children .
8. We need a school van /Vehicle.
9. We need a kitchen house and dining hall for the school.
10. We need a church building for the school.
11. We want to construct teachers houses/ quarters.
12. We need dormitory uniforms for the children ( casual wear)
13. We need new uniforms for the children.
14. We need school sweaters for the children
15. We need School shoes and sandals for the children.

You can contribute or follow on facebook, at or Website: Telephone; 256772407716

International Network of Prison Ministries (INPM)

Please pray for all those associated with and benefiting from the network.

Serge Taran, Founder **International Network of Prison Ministries; http://prisonminist htm


rev VaronRev Varon and his family in the Philippines who are in need of finances for:


1. CREEK SIDE DIKE REPAIRS AND DORM REPAIRS = $350.00 three hundred fifty dollars.

2. CHANGE OF CHURCH WALL… I have not presented this last time but we presently included it since our wallings were made of bamboos but it will last an average of one year. We calculated that the cost of bamboo replacements in 6 will be equivalent cost to a concrete wall which will last for 30 years more or less.  The cost to cover the church wall is  =  $500.00 five hundred dollars.

The total needs cost $850.00 eight hundred fifty dollars more or less. So far these are the present needs we need to build-up for the glory of God. Once again, thank you very much my dear Bro. Mike for your labour of love – Hebrews 6:10. GOD BLESS US ALL!!!!!!!






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