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December 31, 2012 by directorfsm

FSM/FSMWO Special Prayer

Requests Weeks of

30 Dec 2012- 12 Jan 2013

 First, my apologies for such a long delay since last posting the prayer list. Between packing and selling our house, Christmas and moving I am way behind on paperwork.

 That said we at FSM/FSMWO pray for everyone to have a blessed and prosperous New Year


Naida and I made it safe, sound and tired to Lakeshore. Thanks to the folks at First Baptist Church Clinton, LA for helping to unload the moving truck. We may have found a house here. We have made an offer it was accepted and now we must wait for all the inspections and paperwork.


 For Lakeshore Baptist Church as they hope to break ground next week on our new church. Pray that God holds back the rain so we can get the foundation in.

 Pray for the ARBCA volunteers who will descend upon Lakeshore 05-12 Jan 2013. Pray for their traveling mercies and safety as they work on the church and in the community.

 Condolences and prayers for the Martin family upon the death of their aunt

 From members of the US Army War College Wednesday Morning Prayer Breakfast Group:

 For Ebony and the birth of her fist baby For Glenna as she recovers from blood clots in her leg

For Connie as she undergoes eye surgery For Dave as he battles a brain tumor

For Classmates from the Class of 2013 who are battling or recovering from cancer

For Tom as he approaches his last days For Hunt and his family during this time of transition

For Molly as she copes with the suicide death of her father For the Lakeshore Baptist Church as they continue to minister to their community and begin to rebuild their church

For John and his unit serving at FOB Apache For all of our servicemen and women serving in harm’s way and for their families as they encounter separation during this Christmas season

For our nation, and the families and friends of the victims of the Newton tragedy

Continued healing prayers for:

Kathy D. undergoing Chemo for Breast Cancer

Shelia W. diabetes related issues

Bob and Vickie B. Multiple Scoliosis

Rich B. recovering (near 2 years) from heart surgery

Violet P. who has recently been diagnosed with cancer

TJ undergoing Chemo

Ms. Redman who is ill

Employment for; Robert O., Iva F., Marie F., Jessica R., Mike T. and Tom D. seeking fulltime work.

Prayers for Naida and I as we begin our work in Lakeshore. We have a daunting task(s) at hand but nothing is too big for God. Pray we can reach folks in the community, that we will be an asset to Pastor Don and the church here. Pray for Naida’s sons she left in MA. Pray for our financial needs to be met.

Fellow Ministries

Prison Fellowship

Weekly Prayer Report invites you to join us in praying for the work being done in prisons throughout the country, and for the lives being touched by this ministry. This week, please pray:

 Praise God for ministry expansion into new prisons and for new staff and volunteers.

 for the Gospel of grace to be delivered to thousands of prisoners in the coming year.

 for the Christmas program at the Boonville Correction Center in Missouri that will be held on Friday, December 21.

 for our Inside Journal newspaper to inspire and communicate hope to thousands of prisoners.

 for God to illuminate the minds of prisoners to understand the Gospel and His Word within the many Bible studies and TUMI classes. Pray for the Church inside to grow strong and be equipped to serve.

Wells of Hope Academy, Uganda:

 As we celebrate Christmas and welcome 2013, here at Wells of Hope, we cannot cease to thank God and to thank all our friends including you for standing with us and supporting us in acquiring our own premises and buildings. It’s a year now, when we started under the direction of God, to build a school and home for children of prisoners in Uganda, with childlike faith we embarked on a very difficult and expensive task, with no sure source of funding, but the Lord through His faithful people have poured into this work with their hearts and purses.

Now we have two huge building a dormitory and a classroom block. We need to say that they are not complete, currently we are plastering the walls of the two huge buildings and funding for that has been provided for.

Our immediate needs are as follows : Flooring Dormitory Verandah and Splash Aprons = USD 2,582, Two water tanks =USD 3,040.00 ,Flooring remaining classrooms and Verandah USD 2,788.00 ,Electricity Supply(30% contribution) USD 3,063.24 ,Fire Extinguishers USD 512.00 , Fire Alarm System USD USD 560.00 , School Gate USD 360.00 , Fencing (With chain links) 2,000.00 ,Electrical Installations/internal wiring USD 2,352.00 , Lightening Protection USD 2,320.00 ,Clearing and leveling the play field, buying swings, play equipment USD 3,200.00 ,Trenches to avert flooding USD 2,240.00 . Other needs include beds which will cost USD 7200, Mattresses USD 2380. Future Needs include; Dining hall Construction USD 17,200.00 ,Construction of a sick bay , USD 3,520.00 ,Building the School Church hall USD 18,000.00 , Building the Administration block USD 14,000.00 ,Building the School Library USD 17,700.00 .

Kindly consider to give a gift to help us strengthen and sustain this work in the New Year. Thank you, may God bless you! We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Francis Ssuubi, Director

You can contribute or follow on facebook, at or Website: Telephone;256772407716

International Network of Prison Ministries (INPM)

Please pray for all those associated with and benefiting from the network.

Serge Taran, Founder **International Network of Prison Ministries; http://prisonminist htm

Mbeya Prison Ministries Request                                           

Sun Dec 16, 2012 11:21 am (PST) . Posted by:

“Iyunga Church of Christ” iyungachurchofchrist

Dear Brothers and Sisters: Greetings from the Mbeya Prison Ministries. Through our response of the gospel of Jesus Christ to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ in inmates in prisons here, the inmates hear the gospel of Jesus Christ and some obey every day. Some they become a good people in the communities after the raise from prison. This year, there are 15 people who they were imprison, and they became the good Christians and good people in the communities. We are still contact with them through phone and to do follow -up to talk with them. Mbeya Prison Ministries in Tanzania, would request you brothers and sisters to assist us with the needs with this ministries here so that we may serve the Lord in Prison around here better. We request your contribution with some funds for purchasing the motorbike to help us with the means of transportation to go to serve in prisons. There are three prisons which they are located in remotes areas. We have the difficult how to reach them and serve them in proper time. God will bless you for any assistance which you may provide to us for the purpose to serve the Lord well here in Prisons. We are looking forward to hearing from you, and working with you in Tanzania.

Yours in Christ who serves you Iyunga Church of Christ Mission Mbeya Prison Ministry Box 3083, Mbeya Tanzania East Africa. 


The Messer’s Missionaries to Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast)

Dear praying friends and family,

We offer greetings to you with hearts full of gratitude. Thank you so much for your support, prayers and love for our family. We feel overwhelmed at times by the commitment and faithfulness that you have shown to our family during our return from the field. We have been touched by so many of God’s people. May the Lord bless you abundantly for your kindness and graciousness.

Just recently we enjoyed a time of fellowship with my brother, Adam, and his family over the Thanksgiving Holiday. It was a time of blessing and rest as we praised and thanked the Lord together for his abundant grace and mercy in the lives of our families.

We would like to openly express our thanks to our Heavenly Father for the work he has been doing in our lives over the past few months. We have received godly counsel which has helped us to have a clearer view of God and ourselves. God has been healing and strengthening our home. Becky and I have been working on focusing and growing in the Lord. We want our ultimate desire to be for God. He alone is worthy of our focus and worship.

We would like to thank God for the recent good news from the main church in which we were working, Eglise Baptiste Biblique, in San-Pedro, Cote d’Ivoire. The church just called a Bible School graduate, Rodrigue, as its national pastor. It is a joy to see this fruit after many years of planting and watering. Please pray for Rodrigue and his wife, Marie Paul, as they seek wisdom in leading the church.

The other church plants in San-Pedro (Seweke, Jules-Ferry, and Dafci) are still progressing. The national church leaders have taken up the responsibility of these works and are doing a great job. Please pray for these leaders as they seek the Lord’s strength and wisdom as the cause of Christ is advanced in these difficult parts of the city of San-Pedro.

We would like to thank the Lord for allowing us to serve Him with our lives. Becky and I have been helping with our home church’s Wednesday evening children’s Bible Clubs; and on Tuesday afternoons, we have had the privilege of assisting with a children’s Bible Club at a local public elementary school. The Lord has granted us the opportunity to share the gospel with many of these children. We are really praying for a harvest of souls to the glory of God.

As we go into the Christmas season, we are full of thanksgiving to God for His mercy and unfailing love. We do not deserve it. None of us do. That’s what makes it all the more special. I am just amazed at how a holy God could even love a sinner like me. We can only repeat what Paul stated in Romans 5:20 “But where sin abounded, grace did much more abound.” If it weren’t for the grace of God, we would all be consumed.

Prayer requests:

1. For our spiritual walk with the Lord

2. For our church leaders in Cote d’Ivoire to have wisdom and discernment

3. For Becky to have strength in home schooling the kids

4. For the salvation of the kids in the Bible Clubs

5. For our car to sell in Cote d’Ivoire (we will be buying a different car when we return)

Thank you for praying for our family.

Serving a good and gracious Savior,

Andy and Becky Messer
Missionaries to Cote d’Ivoire
World Wide New Testament Baptist Missions
 Rev Varon and his family in the Philippines

 Thanks for your prayer… God preserved us all here from that very strong typhoon. We are very busy preaching God’s word from school to school and faithfully distributing the gospel tracts. We are praying for you and your family and your ministry there.

Please pray with us on our present need… Our sons: Elenito Joseph, Allen Daniel and Isaiah Paul are now schooling… we desire to train them in homeschooling here with us…. but we need to accredit our homeschool as per requirement of Department of Education… a private institution will help us establish our homeschool ministry to give us clearance and to run it legally. We need to link to school of tomorrow accreditation… all we need is to contribute around $625.00 (six hundred twenty five dollars). We are praying for God’s provision on this present need… your poster sons… Elenito Joseph, Allen Daniel, Isaiah Paul are praying together on this vision. Please pray with us my dear Brethren… we desire a home based education for our children to maximize their training in the ministry. This is an eternal investment…. We are praying for you and your family and ministry. Regards and have a blessed Christ birth remembering not only in this season but all the days of our lives… for the LORD JESUS is with us and in us….AMEN.

Your missionary in the Philippines,
Pastor E. G. Varon



 From Tucson Reformed Baptist Church Plant in Arizona.  We are still looking for additional support for the Tucson Church Plant.  If you are interested in helping with this church plant please mail a check made payable to RBMS and be sure to include a note telling us this is for the Church Plant in Tucson, AZ.  One time gifts are welcomed.

 At the time of writing this update we are three weeks away from finishing our first year of services in Tucson. The past year has been full of ups and downs, but overall the Lord has blessed us beyond what we deserve. The Lord has blessed us with a small but committed core group that is committed to seeing this work established and have been faithful for the past 12 months. Ministering in Tucson has its trials. It is a dark city almost completely devoid of the gospel, but I cannot think of a place I would rather be ministering at this time. The hardness to the gospel makes it hard to grow, but also means there are a lot of needs. And we serve a sovereign Lord who is in the business of calling out those in need. Please pray that we would be faithful messengers in proclaiming the gospel.

 At this time we are only having Sunday school and a morning worship service. Throughout the course of the year I’ve been preaching through the gospel of John. It has been an encouraging study as we looked at the life and ministry of Christ. In Sunday school we have been studying through the confession and growing in our understanding of Reformed Baptist theology.

 This fall with the help of a young man in our congregation, who is the son of one of the elders of our parent church Grace Covenant of Gilbert, we have started a college Bible study near the University of Arizona campus. Due to various conflicts it was a little slow getting off the ground this fall, but we are hopeful that it will grow and become more established in the spring. Our current meeting place is only a mile from the campus and so in time we would like to in time establish a strong college ministry outreach. Our hope is to both provide a good church for reform Baptist students, but also reach the lost upon the campus.

 Please pray for us in the coming year that we will become more established, that we will be able to find a more permanent meeting place, and that we will be able to reach out to more of the lost of Tucson. Pray that the Lord will bless our efforts, and that he will bring the increase.

 Rob Cosby on behalf of Tucson Reformed Baptist Church and the elders of Grace Covenant Church.

 From Heritage Baptist Church in Mansfield, Texas

 Coming to Him as to a living stone, rejected indeed by men, but chosen by God and precious, you also, as living stones, are being built up a spiritual house, a holy priesthood, to offer up spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ. 1 Peter 2:4-5.

 With these amazing words from the Apostle Peter, assuring us that by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and submission to Apostolic doctrine our worship is acceptable to the Father, we sinners united together at HBC, press on with encouragement and “living” hope. We are thankful to be part of our Association and to support various endeavors launched and pursued by sister churches. Our elders labor to weekly minister the means of grace faithfully. Our labors have increased due to sending out one elder, Steve Garrick, to work with Bob Curley in Georgetown, TX (about 2.5 hours south of us), working to plant a confessional Reformed Baptist church. This effort seems to be blessed of the Lord and we anticipate even more progress next year. We also sent one of our rising teachers to study for the RB Ministry at IRBS. These two endeavors are somewhat bittersweet to us: adding some difficulty but giving opportunity to be of greater service; we are very thankful for these privileges.

 In our Lord’s providence, our congregation is experiencing some interesting changes. While our congregation is more loyal than ever, we have lost several families for various reasons this year. Others have reported similar struggles in their congregations, which encourages us to remain faithful; that is always our prayerful intention. We also have more members dealing with physical difficulties, due to an older average physical age. Some have maladies for which there is no cure and so they juggle efforts at maintenance that allow them to function with usefulness to family and church. Along with this, we have quite a number of young people who are in post-secondary studies, starting careers, and looking for spouses. It’s a lively time in the life of our church.

 We pray for you, IRBS, our missionaries and national pastors, office personnel, the AC, and Committee members who all have important roles in our mutual endeavor. May our glorious Triune God grant us great grace to be valiant for the truth, faithful in our ministries, and persevering in the face of all obstacles.

 In behalf of the whole congregation at Heritage Baptist Church, Mansfield, TX,

 Pastor Larry Vincent.


 From Trinity Reformed Baptist Church, Topeka, KS

 Greetings from drought-stricken Kansas!  As I share these words, the winter is mild and the ground is dry from a year-long absence of well-needed rain.  However, the “Water of Life” from above continues to shower us with His grace and mercy, thus sustaining His people.

 As we close out 2012, the Lord has caused us to see our tiny, but important role in local, national, and worldwide missions work.  This summer, through our hands and those outside our state we were able to send $2,725 to Pastor Ombasa in Kenya, Africa to purchase copies of God’s Word to place in the hands of the saints in his country.  Please pray for him.  In Africa where he labors, terrorist activity is very open and violent.  I’ve heard of recent reports of Red Cross workers being killed in the line of duty by roadside bomb attacks.

 One local mission’s project is our own Caring Pregnancy Options.  Since I (the pastor) work full time at the Topeka Rescue Mission (, I was able to connect the Director of the CPO with one of the directors of the Rescue Mission’s warehouse; resulting in the CPO receiving much needed baby formula.

Pastor Sergey of Siberia, Russia, continues to warm our hearts with emails and stunning photographs of Siberia caught up in a normal Russian winter.  He travels hundreds of miles, visiting village after village while feeding God’s people, and seeking the lost sheep, in an environment still under siege by a corrupt government and by a dead formal religion in that part of East Asia.

 Our attendance, love and unity remain strong only because our God is both strong and good on our behalf.  We continue our public, responsive readings through the Psalms on each Lord’s Day.  The Adult Sunday School class continues to plow through our current series on “The Doctrines of Grace”.  Currently, with the Christmas season upon us, I’ve chose to preach a five week series on “John the Baptist—the Forerunner of Christ” for our 2012 Nativity Gleanings.  All of our sermon archive is available on our church website at:

 This past summer, our congregation took a 13-week journey through “The Truth Project” a DVD presentation on cultivating a real, biblical worldview.  This excellent resource is available from Focus on the Family.

 Another addition we implemented was in our children’s Sunday School.  We are using the brand-new, hot off the press Answers Bible Curriculum published by Answers in Genesis (, an excellent Christian apologetics group.  We have been favorably impressed by this meat of the Word curriculum which teaches the children how to dig into the scriptures using the inductive study method.  The first seven lessons laid a strong foundation for why we should trust the scriptures as the final authority in all matters of faith and practice.

 Please pray for us in these areas:

  • Sustained grace for our mutual love, peace and unity.
  • Sustained grace to support all our missionary commitments.
  • Perseverance in witnessing for the Lord’s sake and for the truth’s sake.
  • Numerical and spiritual growth.
  • That we would guard our approach to worshiping our Great King in spirit and in truth.
  • Salvation of our family members, coworkers and friends.
  • RAIN for our farmers.  Both crops and livestock are being affected.

 Yours for the sake of the Kingdom and the love of Christ,

Pastor Bob Spagnuolo,


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