The Forgotten God

TOM ASCOL There is a direct connection between ignorance of God and rampant societal lawlessness. We can no longer assume that the people in America understand even the basic truths about the true God. Those of us who do know Him, must teach them… READ MORE > > > RELATED: Reaffirming Sola Scriptura Why is … More The Forgotten God

Do Not Neglect Your Bible

Scripture clearly warns us that there will be times when people who are called by God’s Name will quit listening to the actual words of God & will instead seek guidance from other sources. Such times are expressions of God’s judgment. READ MORE > > >

A life-giving stream for parched pilgrims!

JUNE 22, 2022 BY STEVE The Word and the Spirit are so intimately conjoined, that we are scarcely warranted in thinking of the one without the other. The Word does not operate without the Spirit’s agency; and the Spirit does not work apart from the Word. It was by the Spirit’s inspiration that the Word was first given, for “holy men of God … More A life-giving stream for parched pilgrims!

Christian apologist accused of denying fundamental truths

Anytime someone who claims to be a Christian but denies the fundamental truths of Biblical doctrine, especially beginning with the the most prominent, that is that God’s Holy Word is true, we are left with no choice but to also deny their true Christianity. For a long time, a noted Christian apologist has publicly staked … More Christian apologist accused of denying fundamental truths