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  1. QOTW – All things work together for good?

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    May 21, 2020 by directorfsm

    This is one of the most misused and abused “false doctrines” based on Romans 8:28, in modern evangelical circles. (See …
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  2. Today in Church History

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    January 27, 2020 by directorfsm

    I have never heard of nor could I find the reference for the remembrance date commemorating New Testament women. That …
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  3. Saturday’s Military Devotional

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    January 25, 2020 by directorfsm

    CONTEXT: Paul is confined in a Roman prison while writing this letter to the church at Philippi. He begins chapter …
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  4. Biblical Contentment


    September 13, 2019 by directorfsm

    This may seem like a strange verse to begin a look at biblical contentment but I think it captures the …
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