Devotional thought for Today – 12/15/2022

My wife and I are in Amarillo Texas visiting Christian Heritage Church and Mission M25 Ministries. We came here for the possibility of reviving/starting a new ministry to the motorcycle community of Amarillo. We are both 65, with some disabilities but not ready for the front porch rocking chair yet. We need to serve the Lord. Today’s devotional was on point for us.


Chapter CONTEXT from MHCC: After Christ’s departure out of the temple, in the close of the foregoing chapter, and before this happened which is recorded in this chapter, he had been for some time abroad in the country, it is supposed about two or three months; in which interval of time Dr. Lightfoot and other harmonists place all the passages that occur from Lu. 10:17 to 13:17. What is recorded in ch. 7 and 8 was at the feast of tabernacles, in September; what is recorded in this and the following chapter was at the feast of dedication in December, ch. 10:22. Mr. Clark and others place this immediately after the foregoing chapter. In this chapter we have, I. The miraculous cure of a man that was born blind (v. 1-7). II. The discourses which were occasioned by it. 1. A discourse of the neighbours among themselves, and with the man (v. 8-12). 2. Between the Pharisees and the man (v. 13-34). 3. Between Christ and the poor man (v. 35-38). 4. Between Christ and the Pharisees (v. 39 to the end).

I have said this many times previously but today’s text reminded me it bears repeating, I do not like the slogan WWJD, What would Jesus Do!

In the context of the original Greek text and the KJV, shows Jesus alone heals, Jesus alone is doing the work the Father sent Him to do day and night. Jesus Christ the Second person of the Trinity Both man and Divine something we can never hope to be, so how can we hope to do what Jesus would do? NO! the better question to be asked here would be What would Jesus have me do? WWJHMD? If you are confused about your spiritual gift, what or how it is God wants you to serve, pray and pray some more. Ask the Holy Spirit to lead you to scripture and elders who can provide wise counsel.

Then we can stop being couch-potato Christians and get about serving the Kingdom of God for God’s Glory. For “TRUE Christians” it is not a question of if you should work the works but when you will work the works. It should be a daily routine as long as your feet are planted above the soil.

There is no greater Happiness or Joy than fellowship (communion/working together) with like-minded brethren and the triune God. 1 John 1:3-4.

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