Devotional Thought for Today – 11/13/2022


Read the chapter CONTEXT from MHCC and Dr. John Gill

When one reads these commentaries we find agreement in the theme v.12-26, that Paul under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit is explaining to the church at Corinth that they must not think of any Spiritual Gift in a narrow personal term but in the larger term of the Church (local and universal) as a whole.

This thought climaxes with our text for today v.26. If we are all truly saved by Christ, Brides of Christ’s Church, and members thereof, then whenever one of its members suffers we too should share (have empathy towards and help our fellow saints) in that suffering. Likewise, whenever a member of the church is honored, we should all rejoice in that recognition.

Paul uses the analogy of a human body to describe the Church. Each part of our bodies is designed by God to work with the other parts. Christians looking out for or working with each other in good times and bad is the correct design of Christ’s church. Is that how your church operates today?

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