Devotional Thought for Today -09/30/2022

John 15

Chapter CONTEXT from MHCC:

It is generally agreed that Christ’s discourse in this and the next chapter was at the close of the last supper, the night in which he was betrayed, and it is a continued discourse, not interrupted as that in the foregoing chapter was; and what he chooses to discourse of is very pertinent to the present sad occasion of a farewell sermon. Now that he was about to leave them, I. They would be tempted to leave him, and return to Moses again; and therefore he tells them how necessary it was that they should by faith adhere to him and abide in him. II. They would be tempted to grow strange one to another; and therefore he presses it upon them to love one another, and to keep up that communion when he was gone which had hitherto been their comfort. III. They would be tempted to shrink from their apostleship when they met with hardships; and therefore he prepared them to bear the shock of the world’s ill will. There are four words to which his discourse in this chapter may be reduced; 1. Fruit (v. 1-8). 2. Love (v. 9-17). 3. Hatred (v. 18-25). The Comforter [or advocate] (v. 26, 27).

Leading up to our main text for today is Christ’s discourse on how much He and His message will be hated by the world. So too will the world hate any and all who preach/share/teach that same uncompromised message. It is IMPOSSIBLE for man to overcome this worldly hatred on his own accord, God knew this and so promises the third person of the Trinity as a Comforter (KJV), Helper (ESV) Advocate (NLT).

While I understand the use of Comforter and Helper, for it is certain the Holy Spirit does both of these I find in reading the Greek text the word STRONGS NT 3875: παράκλητος, paraklétos, most closely means advocate.

Again a proper understanding of context of this verse is everything:

But I will send you the Advocate[b] Ask who is sending, Christ, why to comfort? or to advocate and testify

the Spirit of truth. Whom is sent but the Spirt of Truth, the One who will advocate for the truth in a world of lies and deceit

He will come to you from the Father Christ earlier say He will Send, now says the Father sends a contradiction? No a clear example of the Triune God at work.

and will testify all about me. The key to this whole verse is here in the word “Testify.” The original Greek has no conjunction/pause “and” it reads “who from the Father goes forth He will bear witness [testify] concerning me.” It is one thought one mission the Holy Spirit is sent to Bear Witness, testify, or advocate for Christ.

MHCC on this reads:

In his office and operations, which are two:—(1.) One implied in the title given to him; he is the Comforter, or Advocate. An advocate for Christ, to maintain his cause against the world’s infidelity, a comforter to the saints against the world’s hatred. (2.) Another expressed: He shall testify of me. He is not only an advocate, but a witness for Jesus Christ; he is one of the three that bear record in heaven, and the first of the three that bear witness on earth. 1 Jn. 5:7, 8. He instructed the apostles, and enabled them to work miracles; he indited the scriptures, which are the standing witnesses that testify of Christ, ch. 5:39. The power of the ministry is derived from the Spirit, for he qualifies ministers; and the power of Christianity too, for he sanctifies Christians, and in both testifies of Christ.

II. It is here promised that the apostles also, by the Spirit’s assistance, should have the honour of being Christ’s witnesses (v. 27): And you also shall bear witness of me, being competent witnesses, for you have been with me from the beginning of my ministry.

The Spotlight Stays on Christ

After He has drawn us to Christ, the Holy Spirit helps us give Christ the preeminence.

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