Ready to Go but Willing to Stay

Christ’s words in the Bible are very clear; Go Forth and make disciples of all nations…Matthew 28:19-20.

Some observations from this discourse:

  • This is an IMPLICIT COMMAND from Christ, not a suggestion
  • It is applicable to ALL true believers
  • It is a command to GO OUT from the church into the World
  • It is a command to not bring the World into the church
  • It is a command to teach (exactly, no sugar coating or watered-down messages) what Christ taught
  • It is a command to make disciples, baptizing them into the kingdom of God

The following Blog discusses how one must live a life dedicated and prepared to answer the call to service while being ever willing to serve at the homefront (where you are).

Ready to Go but Willing to Stay Michael Staton | June 7, 2022

Live your life ready to go but willing to stay.

Those whom the Lord calls to leave home and serve as missionaries, pastors, and teachers in a different land are worthy of our utmost respect and admiration. The gospel has been carried throughout the world in God’s good providence by the feet of men and women willing to walk away from all they knew to spread the good news to distant shores. May we always pray for people to be ready to go when the Lord so calls…


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