Sunday Sermon Series – 02/27/2022

Prayer Series XLIV

CONTEXT: Matthew Henry breaks down this Psalm as follows:

The psalm is a prayer, a solemn address to God, at a time when the psalmist was brought into distress by the malice of his enemies. Many such times passed over David, nay, there was scarcely any time of his life to which this psalm may not be accommodated, for in this he was a type of Christ, that he was continually beset with enemies, and his powerful and prevalent appeals to God, when he was so beset, pointed at Christ’s dependence on his Father and triumphs over the powers of darkness in the midst of his sufferings. In this psalm, I. David settles a correspondence between his soul and God, promising to pray, and promising himself that God would certainly hear him (v. 1-3). II. He gives to God the glory and takes to himself the comfort, of God’s holiness (v. 4-6). III. He declares his resolution to keep close to the public worship of God (v. 7). IV. He prayed, 1. For himself, that God would guide him, (v. 8). 2. Against his enemies, that God would destroy them (v. 9, 10). 3. For all the people of God, that God would give them joy, and keep them safe (v. 11, 12). And this is all of great use to direct us in prayer.


The Course of Faith, or The Practical Believer Delineated

By John Angell James, 1852


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