God Continues to Work Behind Bars

As many of you know this ministry started in 2006 as a “Prison Ministry” writing to a couple of inmates left behind with no one caring for them. all these years later we have see the fruits of our labor being greatly blessed by God in so many ways. If you know a man or women that would benefit from solid biblical correspondence contact us and we will try our best to set them up with a pen-pal/mentor.

God has a long history of working inside prisons. The very first book of the Bible describes how God granted Joseph favor with a prison warden, something that eventually led to the saving of his family, the saving of Egypt, and the preservation of God’s promises to establish the nation of Israel. The book of Acts gives several accounts of God working in prisons. For example, after Paul and Silas were miraculously released from jail in Philippi, the jailor and his whole household converted. And, Jesus Himself said that those who visit and care for prisoners are actually visiting and caring for Him


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