Devotional Thought for Today – 01/07/2022

Prayer Series VI

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Last time in this series we looked at an article entitled Getting Started on Prayer. Today I would like to add to that by looking at the topic Prayer: Sense or Nonsense?

Have you ever caught yourself lost in prayer, by that I mean praying and then lost for words, your train of thought gone on the express train to nowhere? Or heard that person trying so hard to be eloquent and divine in their prayers that them leave you dazed and confused? If we own up to it these occurrences probably happen more than we like to admit and the danger is they can discourage us from a joyous prayer life.

The following article addresses many issues related to proper prayer, I pray it is a blessing to you.

Please note the use of the NET Bible which we do not endorse.

Prayer: Sense or Nonsense?by Lehman Strauss

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