Stop Using COVID As an Excuse to Not Go to Church

Daily Citizen

It’s been almost 22 months since the onset of the COVID-19 global pandemic, a catastrophic turn that upended life as we knew it. 

Almost overnight, offices emptied out, businesses shut down and schools and churches were forced to go online, if at all. “Fifteen days to flatten the curve” turned to months and then a year as health and political officials worked furiously to get a handle on the evolving crisis, especially when there were more questions than answers…


2 thoughts on “Stop Using COVID As an Excuse to Not Go to Church

  1. Yes, the “Church” is in great decline as a whole in America, and “Christians” since the mid 20th century have no one to blame but themselves. We allowed the demise of School prayer, Abortion, Same-sex unions, and a multitude of other immoral actions to become the norm. These thumbed their nose at God and taught our children it was Okay to do the same.

    Thankfully there is always as the Bible promises a “remnant, those faithful and true that hold to a righteous Biblical Worldview and are unashamed of the Gospel and sharing it. This is a glorious view of the world.


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