Our Nation’s Crime Spike and the Need for Shalom

Yesterday on BreakPoint, we talked about the rise in addictions and overdose deaths due to our nation’s opioid crisis. Through a constellation of unemployment ratescultural darkness, and opioid availability, thousands in America’s “Rust Belt” are falling to what are being called “deaths of despair.” All of which was worsened by the greed and deception of pharmaceutical companies and the FDA

And now, thanks to a new report, we know that the largely rural pain of opioid deaths is being matched by a predominantly urban crime scourge. In the last year, there’s been an increase in crimes of all kinds, from shoplifting flash mobs to property crimes to outright murder. Just as with the opioid crisis, a network of causes is behind the uptick in lawlessness, and the consequences are particularly devastating for the poor living in many of our nation’s urban centers.


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