Devotional Thought for Today -12/13/21

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Last week on Dec 8th, we posted a devotional on Psalm 8, that began with a quote from C.H. Spurgeon that appears to indicate he was opposed to Christmas. After a discussion with someone who read the post and read it over again, I realize how easily this impression could be left, which was not my intent.

Spurgeon was without a doubt greatly influenced by the Puritans of the 16-17th centuries. These men sought to eliminate “Christmas” from the public sphere, mainly because of its Roman Catholic association, ‘Christ-Mass.’

Spurgeon however differed with the Puritans on this matter. We see this in a sermon he preached Sunday morning December 23, 1860, by Charles Spurgeon from the book of Job 1:4-5 that he titled, “A Merry Christmas.”

So what is the point of all this? Why should we care about C.H. Spurgeon or how anyone else’s church (and we) celebrate Christmas. In a word Christology. Christology is that fancy theological term for the study of Christ, something every “true Christian” should be concerned with. One would think especially this time of year.

So let us look back at the basic question, is it right and proper to celebrate the birth of Christ? First, let us be clear there is no Biblical mandate to celebrate Christmas or the Birth of Christ. So my answer depends upon how we celebrate.

Look at the picture above with its caption. Is this the proper way to celebrate or better put worship in church? Show me in the Bible (Spurgeon asked for a divine statute) where God calls for THE GLITZ AND GLAM and I will answer in the affirmative. Anytime we detract from the Triune God we break a commandment.

Some other reasons folks choose not to celebrate Christmas are it comes from pagan traditions, it comes from Catholic Mass, it has become a worldly affair, the actual date is uncertain, and many more.

While there is no Biblical mandate to celebrate Christmas or the Birth of Christ there is certainly none against it either. It comes down to a personal decision, and if you chose to celebrate I think you can acknowledge: the Maji celebrated his birth why not us and is not the greatest gift ever known to mankind worth celebrating?

We go to church not to celebrate “Christmas” as the world knows it, but to celebrate Christ as only a true believer knows Him.

“Do not go to the synagogue of long-faced hypocrites to hear the minister who preaches with a nasal twang, with misery in his face, whilst he tells you that God has goodwill towards men. I know you won’t believe what he says, for he does not preach with joy in his countenance, he is telling you good news with a grunt, and you are not likely to receive it. But go straight way to the plain where Bethlehem shepherds sat by night, and when  you hear the angels singing out the gospel, by the grace of God upon you, you cannot help believing that they manifestly feel the preciousness of telling.”

C.H. Spurgeon

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