Devotional Thought for Today – 12/04/2021

12 Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying, I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life. John 8:12


CONTEXT: John chapter 8 can be divided into many little sub-topics as follows:

v.1-11 Adulterous Woman
v.12-20 Second I AM declaration
v.21-30 Needs to Die to Sin
v.31-36 KNow the Truth that sets you free
v.37-42 Abraham’s seed
v.43-47 Children of Satan
v.48-55 Jesus a Samaritan
v.56-59 Third I AM Declaration

While Matthew Henry breaks is down as follows: In this chapter we have, I. Christ’s evading the snare which the Jews laid for him, in bringing to him a woman taken in adultery (v. 1-11). II. Divers discourses or conferences of his with the Jews that cavilled at him, and sought occasion against him, and made every thing he said a matter of controversy. 1. Concerning his being the light of the world (v. 12-20). 2. Concerning the ruin of the unbelieving Jews (v. 21-30). 3. Concerning liberty and bondage (v. 31-37). 4. Concerning his Father and their father (v. 38-47). 5. Here is his discourse in answer to their blasphemous reproaches (v. 48-50). 6. Concerning the immortality of believers (v. 51-59). And in all this he endured the contradiction of sinners against himself.

Maybe you are different but when I was a kid, I was scared of the dark. I was convinced the boogeyman or some other awful creature was lurking in the dark shadows just waiting to gobble me up. Sounds silly now as an adult, but adults should be equally afraid of the dark.

Of course I am not speaking about physical darkness (except maybe in the case of the 9th plague on Egypt (Exodus 10:21) which is described as darkness “that may be felt.) but Spiritual.

Spiritual darkness is the sign or symptoms of someone who is Spiritually dead. John 3:18-21, makes it clear folks like the darkside even though they know the light offers much greater benefits.

Calvin comments on this verse:

But we must first ascertain what necessity there is for seeking this light; for men will never present themselves to Christ to be illuminated, until they have known both that this world is darkness, and that they themselves are altogether blind. Let us therefore know that, when the manner of obtaining this light is pointed out to us in Christ, we are all condemned for blindness, and everything else which we consider to be light is compared to darkness, and to a very dark night. For Christ does not speak of it as what belongs to him in common with others, but claims it as being peculiarly his own. Hence it follows, that out of Christ there is not even a spark of true light There may be some appearance of brightness, but it resembles lightning, which only dazzles the eyes. It must also be observed, that the power and office of illuminating is not confined to the personal presence of Christ; for though he is far removed from us with respect to his body, yet he daily sheds his light upon us, by the doctrine of the Gospel, and by the secret power of his Spirit. Yet we have not a full definition of this light, unless we learn that we are illuminated by the Gospel and by the Spirit of Christ, that we may know that the fountain of all knowledge and wisdom is hidden in him.

What did Jesus mean when He said, “I am the Light of the World” (John 8:12)?

What does the Bible reveal about…darkness

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