Devotional Thought for Today – 11/28/21

The Sin and Treachery of (_ _ Your Country?_ _ ) Judah

Jeremiah 8:9 KJV - The wise men are ashamed, they are dismayed and

Jeremiah 8-10

CONTEXT: The whole book of Jeremiah is basically a story of the prophet, Jeremiah, relaying God’s condemnation upon Judah for its constant idolatry. Jeremiah records the final warnings to Judah of the coming calamity and implores them to repent. He calls for revival and for them to turn back to their God, (we can read founding principles) before it is too late.

Matthew Henry comments on Chapter 8: The prophet proceeds, in this chapter, both to magnify and to justify the destruction that God was bringing upon this people, to show how grievous it would be and yet how righteous. Chapter Nine is basically an ongoing reproof of sin and the lament for Judah’s no stop participation in it.

Apart from our main text above, which clearly shows the folly of man that depends upon his own wisdom, Jeremiah in 10:17-25 reveals the final judgment against Judah, as it appears to be written after the captivity. Here Jeremiah makes clear if you (Judah and the remnant in Jerusalem) have not learned your lesson from this judgment be prepared for total destruction.

The point of today’s devotional is, what warnings is God pronouncing to your country today? Although many call themselves prophets, clearly the Bible would appear to disagree, and so there are many ways God is showing the nations their sinful and repugnant behaviors. The question is will they turn back to God before it is too late?

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