Citizen’s Guide: Biden’s Justice Department Targeting You

I was hesitant to post this until I watched part of the US Attorney General lie in his testimony before congress yesterday. When asked by Republicans question like did he issue orders that made parents out to be “domestic terrorists” he repeatedly said no. Yet his memo (see below) clearly implies otherwise.


Earlier this month, U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland issued a memo calling on the FBI to address “violent threats against school officials and teachers.” Garland’s instructions came after a summer of hot national debate in which concerned parents clashed with public school officials at local school board meetings over critical race theory, transgender policies, and classroom mask mandates.

Not only is Garland’s threat an intimidation tactic, but it also serves as a “head nod” from Biden’s radical administration to well-connected “education companies” who promote “culturally responsive training”—including Panorama Education, a company co-founded by Garland’s son-in-law.

Garland’s memo was released with no actual evidence of crimes committed, only making references to a “rise in criminal conduct.” This politicization of the U.S. Justice Department and seeming conflict of interest must be addressed and called out. We must continue to stand with parents and encourage their involvement in public schools and their children’s education. Your voice and values can make a difference!


Watch the short video, Lawyer to Parents: Don’t Fear Biden’s DOJ Threats, then read The Daily Signal article, Threatening Memo From Attorney General Merrick Garland to Parents Comes With Serious Conflict of Interest. Post either on one or more of your social media accounts using the hashtag #GarlandMemo and #ParentIntimidation. If you do not use social media, email the video or article to 5 of your friends.


Watch to “The Heritage Explains Live” video, Ask a Lawyer: Biden’s Threats to Parents and Rights. After watching, send the video to a friend who shares your point of view.


With family or friends, attend your community’s local school board meeting and share your point of view on critical race theory or another subject facing local education. Before attending, research the meeting to learn where and when it is and how to sign up to speak. Visit the Citizen Engagement Series page for more tips.


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