Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Police in Two Key Cases

We at FSMandFSMWO are all about fair and just laws. This includes those for law enforcement officers. The vast majority of public servants in America work in understaffed situations, surrounded by folks that are hostile towards them (thank you media) and rarely use excessive force. Sure there are some “bad apples” but that is just a reflection of the human race as a whole, and no cause to punish or suspend the rights of everyone.

Liberals were left howling in rage Monday after one of the most controversial legal doctrines surrounding America’s police received a ringing endorsement from the U.S. Supreme Court.

Qualified immunity shields police officers from lawsuits that arise in the course of protecting the public unless they can be shown to have violated well-established rules or the Constitution…

SOURCE: Supreme Court Makes Two Big Pro-Police Rulings

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