Kirk Franklin warns of misconception that God exists to ‘make us happy’

Franklin is spot on with this and here is my op-ed why.

First, in order to understand this, we need to reverse the question, and ask why do I exist? Biblically God created man for His own glory, and man, therefore, exists, his purpose is solely to Glorify God. I have repeatedly said and will continue to do so until I am dust, it is never about us and always about God. The moment we emphasize anything above God, we sin in idol worship.

Secondly “Happy” is a relative term, biblically God wants us to be happy; but as noted above, not by putting our desires above Him. True happiness for a True Chrisitan comes from one place only, and we find it in 1 John 1:1-4. Here v.1-3, John, the Beloved Apostle, makes the claim of being an eye witness to Jesus, His deity, Word of life, his fellowship, from the Greek koinōnia, with Jesus, and like-minded believers. Then in v.4, John makes a profound statement, saying I have told you (written) this, that your joy [happiness] may be full! True happiness [joy] for a believer comes with sharing salvation with Christ and like-minded Christians.

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Amid the re-release of his hit 1998 song “Lean on Me,” gospel singer and winner of 16 Grammy awards Kirk Franklin said that it is a “misconception” to believe that God exists for the sole purpose of trying to make humans happy…

SOURCE: Kirk Franklin warns of misconception that God exists to ‘make us happy’

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