Devotional Thought for Today – 09/13/21

Do We Really Fear God (2 Kings 17:33) - YouTube

They feared the Lord, and served their own gods… 2 Kings 17:33

CONTEXT: Here in 2 Kings 17 the evil reign of Kings in Israel continues. Here we have the Northern Kingdom (Israel) being taken into exile and the consequences thereof. It is also a display of God’s sovereign Grace and Mercy. Matthew Henry breaks it down as: Reign of Hoshea in Israel, The Israelites carried captives by the Assyrians. (1-6) Captivity of the Israelites. (7-23) The nations placed in the land of Israel. (24-41)

Our main text for today is an oxymoron. One would think it impossible to fear the Lord and at the same time serve their own gods? Yet that is exactly what the Israelites were doing. They claimed (falsely v.34) to fear the Lord, but hold fast to the pagan customs of their captors.

Today we have much the same problem going on in the “church” across America and much of Western Civilization. People claim to “fear God” here I am using that to mean be a “Christian” yet they have real issues with the Bible and Church.

A 2020 Barna Research poll showed that the vast majority of churchgoers expect some kind of “experience” every time they attend:

Do you see the problem? I hope you can, they have made church-going about them serving their own gods (themselves) and not about the fear of the Lord, the Worship of the true and living God.

If you are in a church that emphasizes your “experience” RUN! Beat feet to another solid bible preaching church. If you only attend church to get that feel-good “experience” PRAY! Get on your knees, in your prayer closet, whatever it takes to get right with God, less you be as chaff and cast into the fire

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