Devotional Thought for Today – 09/08/21

Expulsion from Paradise by Michelangelo

Expulsion from Paradise by Michelangelo

Genesis 3:1-5

CONTEXT: Chapter 2 ends the story of a sinless world and here in chapter 3 we have the story of the willful fall of mankind into sin.

Most of the time when this story is related the emphasis is on Eve, the tempted and the Satan (serpent) the tempter. Common headings include things like “The serpent deceives Eve” or “The Fall of Man.” While I will not argue these are factual in the end result, there seems to be (at least to me) a missing emphasis in almost all these commentaries, sermons and stories I have heard and read. Who was Satan really attacking?

Was Satan attacking Eve, Adam, or God? If you answered the latter, we are in agreement. Eve was a tool nothing more to Satan, to attack God’s authority and character. Look at v.1 Yea, hath God said, Ye shall not and v.5 For God doth know Satan’s attack is upon God thinking he can use man to achieve his goals.

Nothing has changed in the 6000 +/- years since the Garden. Satan is still the ever deceitful wandering the earth seeking victims of his delusions. The object of those delusions inevitably is always God. It is common for him to impart unbiblical wisdom such as:

  • God does not really love you
  • God won’t forgive a sinner like you
  • God has left you to your own demise
  • God won’t care it’s only a “little” sin

The list of course is endless. That is why having a proper Biblical Worldview and putting on the Whole Armor of God is so important.

Attacks on God’s Character

“Stand firm against the schemes of the devil” (Eph. 6:11).

One of Satan’s most effective tactics is to challenge God’s credibility.

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