Resources for thinking biblically about the news


Family Research Council

September 2, 2021

America finds itself facing a host of challenges at home and abroad. A resurgence of COVID-19, devasting hurricanes and flooding, and debates about vaccines and mandates have embroiled the nation. Abroad, the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan in a matter of weeks has left many saddened and frustrated. In the midst of these challenges, FRC’s Center for Biblical Worldview (CBW) has sought to produce biblically based, relevant resources and commentary to help Christians think about the news from a biblical perspective.

In August, we spoke to audiences around the country about the importance of having a biblical worldview. We also published a variety of articles and interviews, including:

For most of August, Joseph Backholm guest-hosted Washington Watch with Tony Perkins. Joseph’s interviews, which are archived at, included:

  • Dr. Albert Mohler on how Christians should think about the situation in Afghanistan.
  • Sen. Josh Hawley on the infrastructure bill in Congress.
  • Mat Staver on how President Biden’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate violates federal civil rights laws.
  • David Closson on the most seductive but unbiblical beliefs Americans embrace.

New Web Page for Biblical Worldview Series

Earlier this month, we launched a new web page for our Biblical Worldview Series where you can view and download all of our booklets and associated prayer guides. These resources apply the Bible and historical teachings of the church to a wide range of issues, including voting, religious liberty, abortion, marriage, and sexuality.

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