Meet Joe Biden, America’s first Idiocracy President

Anyone who has read more than a few of my posts will know that I am a conservative. I am not a democrat or a republican I am a constitutionalist. I do not personally dislike Joe Biden I never met the man, but I think his politics are a detriment to America. When I came across this article this morning my first instinct was to just post it and be done with it. Yet to criticize or rebuke someone without offering critique is wrong. I will not attempt to list the things I find wrong with the democratic platform (we would need pages) but I will say I pray for the President daily. I pray his heart will change and he will return to true biblical principles (as should this nation). – Mike

The 2006 movie, Idiocracy depicted a comically exaggerated American Dystopia.  Anything resembling reason and logic had all but been abandoned.  Over the decades the fundamentals had taken such a nosedive that farmers were watering their cr…

Source: Meet Joe Biden, America’s first Idiocracy President

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