Devotional Thought for Today – 11/13/2020

Here I am to Worship


I the art above is the  chorus of the very popular contemporary  worship song Here I am to Worship by Tim Hughes. You may be wondering what that song and Psalm 40 have in common? Let me hopefully make the connection. 

First some CONTEXT: Like Psalm 27, this psalm can be divided into distinct halves. The first (vv. 1–10) is primarily a thanksgiving psalm. The second (vv. 11–17) resembles an individual lament psalm. The psalmist recalls an experience of Yahweh’s salvation (vv. 1–3) and recounts His protection (vv. 4–5). He lists what Yahweh desires, and he expresses commitment to His law (vv. 6–8). He also shows willingness to declare Yahweh’s salvation before the congregation (vv. 9–10). After describing the faithful love and mercy of Yahweh (v. 11), the psalmist laments the trouble that surrounds him (v. 12). He asks Yahweh to deliver him and shame his enemies (vv. 13–15), and he closes with the statement that all who seek Yahweh will rejoice (vv. 16–17). (ESV Faithlife Study Bible)

I want to examine one theme, God’s Will,  and one verses today v.8 “I delight to do Your will, O my God; Your law is within my heart.”

Here I am to… how many times has that been sung on a Sunday morning without true meaning. I am not trying to be judgmental here just factual.  How many of us sing that song with the intext of true unconditional surrender to God.  How many of us could be the next Samuel and answer God’s call with a simple Here I am 1 Samuel 3:4.  

What if God call you to sell your house and possessions and follow Him to some place to serve an impoverished peoples?  Will you be the next Isaiah and say send me.

We never know what God’s Will will be for our lives tomorrow. So the next time we are signing songs of praise to the Lord of Lords maybe we need to think about the consequences of what we sing Here I am Lord…


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