Daily Devotional – Exceptional Weakness

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Today the “world” is all about power, might, self-worth and the like. The amount of new psychological volumes written each year on these subjects alone must strip thousands of acres of forests; and to what end. What does man really gain from them? Nothing worth while. Solomon makes it clear in Ecclesiastes 1 that all the toils of man apart from God are but foolish and vain attempts to please self. 

Contrast that to the Apostle Paul in our text who writes about a thorn in his flesh v.7-10. I will not debate here the varying views on what that may be (My own differs greatly from the norm) what really matters is despite having this nagging or bothersome issue Paul understands that his weakness in this area (and others) actually makes him stronger in Christ.


Therefore I take pleasure in infirmities, –  Yes sir, I hear it everyday THANK GOD for my sickness and injuries! NOT!!!! 

in reproaches, –  Paul was insulted for his faith and said go ahead I understand you do not get it but Christ has my back and that is good enough for me. 

in necessities, – Paul was often lacking in basic life needs; Food, Shelter, Water and yet took solace in Christ and his weakened state.

in persecutions,  Paul has been beaten, imprisoned and more for his faith.

in distresses – Ship Wrecked and abandoned by traveling companions are just a few of the stressful situations Paul has suffered through.

for Christ’s sake: – Why go through all this? Because He knows His Redeemer Lives and…

for when I am weak, – The weaker Paul becomes the more dependent upon Christ he is and…

then am I strong. – Only in Christ is he stronger than any “Worldly Man” 


Like Paul, we have a choice of sorts. If you have heard the Gospel message know that you are a sinner and the only way to heaven is through Christ. Declare Him as LORD and Savior today. 

Stop living for vain worldly ideals that in the end only truly make you weak. Live for Christ and in your exceptional weakness become a Spiritual Strongman capable of conquering all that the world throws at you.   

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