How to Listen to an Expository Sermon

I remember studying in Bible college and when I first started preaching that “everyone” told me two things

    1. you need to keep your sermons to no more than 30 minutes or you will lose folks attention  
    2. you need to preach on relatable things to keep folks coming back

I being the rebellious type that I am basically ignored (although I did and do attempt to set a point of application to each sermon) their advice. I believe God alone sets the sermon, it comes from His word, it should be logical and expository. That is verse by verse, book by book (with few exceptions Weddings, Funerals, Special Events) and expounding or as one of my friends and favorite Pastor Don says “unpacking” God’s word. 

As for 30 minutes go luck I have never been under 45 and average nearer and hour. Most puritans preached nearer to 2 hours some 3. REMEMBER it is not you, it is GOD and His Word so do not be afraid to Preach it. 

For those who have long winded preachers her is my advice:

    1. Pray God will keep you focused on Him and not the world
    2. Use helps and methods like those suggested in the article below
    3. Remember God’s Word should be a JOY and Help daily


The Master's Seminary Blog

How to Listen to an Expository Sermon

Reagan Rose | 

The last couple of decades have seen a resurgence in expository preaching in churches—sermons which truly explain and apply the biblical text. But an expository sermon is hard work to prepare. That’s why Paul writes that faithful elders, and especially those who labor hard at preaching and teaching, are worthy of double honor (1 Tim. 5:17). With all that effort from faithful preachers, is there more that those of us in the pew can be doing to ensure we are being faithful listeners?

Some pastors spend upwards of 20–30 hours per week preparing the Sunday message. How sad it is, therefore, that so much of his preparation—effort intended to feed our souls—is often lost on inattentive listeners. What’s worse, the Lord has designed the ministry of the preached Word to be a special means of sanctification to His people (Isa. 55:10–11)…


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