America in Free fall: Why Some Lives Don’t Matter

American Pastors Network

America in a Moral Freefall:

Why Some Lives Don’t Matter

On June 26, Stand in the Gap Today hosts interviewed Dr. George Barna concerning his latest research titled “America’s Perception of Morality and Moral Choices.  Dr. Barna is the head of research at Arizona Christian University, and founder of the Barna Group

Survey finds America’s morals are no longer what they once were. Lying, cheating, and sexual immorality are widely accepted. What are the statistics? Listen Here

Can the reform many are calling for, truly bring change? Listen Here

What percentage of Americans believe life truly matters? Listen Here

Is America really experiencing a moral freefall that might end in the death of our nation as we know it? Listen Here

LISTEN to the entire program HERE!

READ the transcript!



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