Daily Devotional – Bless His Holy Name

There is a very popular song in evangelical churches by Matt Redman called 10,000 Reasons. While the lyrics do not actually list 10,00 reasons; it does make a good case  why we should be ever grateful and greatly bless and praise God.

Bless the Lord Oh My Soul Fancy Lazy Susan – Blonde Wood Crafts

Psalm 103:1 (AMP and RVR 1960)


Sometimes life SUCKS. Anyone who denies this is either a liar or living in fantasy land. King David understood this, he knew the highs and lows of life and through it all God was there with him. 

That is why here in this Psalm David begins with a sincere statement or declaration of acknowledgement of God’s greatness. David could not help but declare God worthy to be praised after all God had done for him (we should be no different). He then follows that with a list of God’s blessings. 


Bless the Lord, – Not with thought or deed of the natural man, but with that which God has renewed through Christ.

O my soul: – The very core of the matter, that which Christ died for at Calvary is now praising the eternal God.

and all that is within me, – Completely and fully without anything left behind, (Deut 6:5

bless his holy name. – The basis of Christian Faith, either God is worthy of all Flory Honor and Praise or He is not your God!


Since I just finished Posting the Series The Beatitudes by Thomas Watson I thought I would quote him here. Although it is 17th Century English the application is simple, God looks upon the soul of man and deserves our best at all times. What are you giving Him today?

O my soul. God’s eye is chiefly upon the soul: bring a hundred dishes to table, he will carve of none but this; this is the savoury meat he loves. He who is best, will be served with the best; when we give him the soul in a duty, then we give him the flower and the cream; by a holy chemistry we still out the spirits. A soul inflamed in service is the cup of “spiced wine of the juice of the pomegranate” ( Song of Solomon 8:2 ) which the spouse makes Christ to drink of. Thomas Watson.



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