Eight Days helps flood victims in own backyard

Jackson, Miss. flooding

Mississippi’s capital city is surrounded by flood waters, displacing thousands, but a ministry is already on the scene and readying for volunteers.

As of this morning, we’ve identified about 600 to 700 families who have some type of water in their house,” reports Eight Days of Hope leader Steve Tybor. “So our leaders and our equipment are being readied as we speak.”

Relentless winter rains have swollen the Pearl River around Jackson, and more rains are forecast for later in the week and will likely break more records.

Eight Days of Hope (logo)Eight Days, which traces its disaster relief ministry to  Hurricane Katrina, currently includes a Rapid Response team that was created after tornadoes touched down in Tupelo, Miss., the hometown of Eight Days.

The ministry’s Rapid Response leaders are assessing Jackson’s flood damage and predicting 1,500 homes will be affected before the waters recede.

Tybor tells OneNewsNow the ministry is looking for volunteers to be part of the “rapid response” effort that will begin Friday, February 21 and continue for about three weeks.

The sign-up for the Jackson clean-up can be found here.

“Our rapid response team will help these families salvage what they can salvage, gut out wet drywall and flooring, and help these families start into recovery,” he says.

As with other recovery efforts, Eight Days will have more volunteer opportunities in the Jackson area in the coming weeks and months.

Source: Eight Days helps flood victims in own backyard

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