John 9:3 – The Works of God

We have all read the story here, John 9:1-7, of Jesus healing the blind man. This verse is often overlooked in the conversation for it’s theological implications. 

Note what Jesus is saying:

  • That the sin is not the most important thing; he does not say do not deal with sin nor that sin nature is not the overall cause for this man’s condition just not a specific sin. Even today there are those who try and claim that all our ailments are caused by some sin we have done against God which for the most part is total garbage.
  • The Most important thing is God’s Glory; it is the preeminent thing to be seen in it all
  • It is “God First Always

Respondió Jesús: No es que pecó éste, ni sus padres, sino para que las obras de Dios se manifiesten en él. (RVR 1960)


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