RFTW Update #2

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May 11, 2019 by directorfsm

Day two with Hoofers Hooligans began with a brisk 46 degree ride from Lemasa TX into Hobbs NM of course it rained and was foggy most of the way. we fueled and continued to Guadalupe National Forest but were disappointed by the cold temperatures and fog encased peaks.

As we left there headed towards El Paso, we did break into some brief moments of sun and caught a glimmer of the back side of El Captain. We stop a local favorite  Cornudas Cafe in Salt Flat TX for lunch were the wait staff was slightly overwhelmed by the size of our group but managed to get us all fed.

On to El Paso and a favorite of mine the Old Glory Memorial park where the organizers and locals treated us like royalty. We finally closed out the LONG day about 8:15 pm in Deming NM.

Day Three Saturday began with Hoofer asking the FNG’s (1st timers on the run) to participate in a missing man formation) We do this as a mean to demonstrate why we ride, for those who can’t. I had the honor and privilege of being the Chaplain assigned to the 80 Mile leg of the two runs. Its not often two wheelers will run side by side with a trike, even rarer for and FNG to agree to do so. SWAMBO and I ran the 80 miles like we been doing it all our lives.

We took a lot of scenic by passes and by ways to get from Deming to Tempe making goo time arriving at 3:45pm. I am staying with a host family Mike and Lane will by FNG’s on the midway route this year. We all had dinner at American Legion Post 138 thank you so much and now it is time to say good night for an early morning departure.

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