On This Date In Church History

The Pilgrim's Progress  -     Edited By: Roger Pooley
    By: John Bunyan


If you have never read this classic I cannot urge you enough to get a copy today. I have set a link to CBD books for the copy I have. It has Bunyan’s notes on every page giving you special insight to his writing, but there are many others out there. – Mike

The most popular book of the Christian world, next to the Bible itself saw publication on this day, February 18, 1678. It is a story of fantastic creatures and deadly dangers. In his many adventures, the hero battles with a raging dragon, flounders in a bog from which he is unable to extricate himself, and is chained in a castle, hostage to despair.

The story is Pilgrim’s Progress, authored by John Bunyan while he lay in prison for preaching without a license and for other offenses against the established church. Since its publication, it has never been out of print. The book made him famous in his own day and has been a help to Christians for centuries since…

Continued at Source: EVERY PILGRIM’S STORY

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