Bi-Weekly Prayer List 24 Feb 2013

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February 25, 2013 by directorfsm

FSM/FSMWO Special Prayer

Requests Weeks of

24 Feb – 09 Mar 2013



 (See Wells of Hope Academy under Ministries below)



Angela who is recovering from disk surgery to her neck

Mr. Green in ICU from heart attack

Darryl’s family upon the passing of their cousin

Mr. David T. who is ill

Ashley and Jeff West in Hattiesburg, MS who lost their house in the recent tornado

Mr. Sam who has been diagnosed with cancer

James and Ms. Bertha May who have various health issues

The residents of Oak Haven housing

Copii pentru Hristos Ministry, Children’s Ministry in Republic of Maldova

Please, pray with us:

•For the new year of serving the Lord in the work with children in the South part of Moldova. May God guide us in the achievement of association’s plans. May He prosper us!

•For adolescents, who are studying the course “Emmaus”: to be challenged to live a victorious life for Christ, full of meekness and dependence of Him.

• For the team of our friends in Newmilns, who will come in October 2013, for to serve the Lord at the camp.

•For the group of brothers and sisters from Scotland, who want to come at the camp on summertime.

•For Andrei’s health. May God heal him and to guide him in the work with children.

•For the repairing of the road of the camp. When it rains, none transport can enter or go out from the camp.

•For God find support for the repairing of the last children’s house of the camp. It needs finances of 12000 Euro.

Lakeshore Baptist Church

Pray for those in the community to join us in fellowship

Pray for the ongoing construction of the new church foundation; specifically for more volunteers to continue the work.

Continued healing prayers for:

Kathy D. undergoing Radiation treatment for Breast Cancer
Shelia W. diabetes related issues
Bob and Vickie B. Multiple Scoliosis
Rich B. recovering (near 2 years) from heart surgery
Violet P. who was recently diagnosed with cancer
Miss Jackson who is ill
Ms. Redford who is ill
Don B. who has cancer
Miss B’s sister who has cancer
Greg L. who is recovering from Heart Surgery
Ray K. who has cancer
Mr. Morris who is also ill
Angela’s dad who is sick
Raphael, Naida’s brother who was hospitalized again with heart trouble
 Employment for; Rusty, Robert O., Iva F., Jessica R., Mike T. and Tom D. seeking fulltime work.

Prayers for Naida and I in our work in Lakeshore.

Pray we can reach folks in the community, that we will be an asset to Pastor Don and the church here.

Pray for Naida’s family, especially her sons she left in MA.

Pray for our financial needs to be met.

Fellow Ministries

Prison Fellowship

Weekly Prayer Report invites you to join us in praying for the work being done in prisons throughout the country, and for the lives being touched by this ministry. This week, please pray:

•for the upcoming Operation Starting Line Black History events in Illinois prisons.

•for the Operation Starting Line event at the South Florida Reception Center.

•for God to continue to open doors for new opportunities for ministry. May He provide the resources needed to accomplish all He places before us.

•for those dedicated to serving the ministry as prayer warriors.

•for the PFM board meetings taking place this weekend in Virginia.

Wells of Hope Academy, Uganda:  

Hello, I believe all is well with you; I want you to know that you are special to us, and that is why am sending you this Prayer and Praise report, please read and continue to pray for Wells of Hope.

Praise report:

·         God has provided money for the electricity connections at the school for children of prisoners.

·         We have had the majority of the children report to school. They were so eager to report, and we’re excited to see the walls of their classes plastered. And water is flowing and many changes.

·         Even though the weather is bad, we thank God that the children’s have not gotten ill, and normally on their first week many children get sick, but God has kept them healthy.

·         I have had safe travels in the US, God has provided for transport within the US, we thank God for the support of friends who have made this possible, I have been to Las Vegas, an Diego, Los Angeles, Houston now, and will go to Indiana on 23-25 Feb.26 children have been able to get sponsors up from 3 at the start of the trip, however, we need sponsors for 120 children.

·         God is good; we have managed to get money to pay for urgent needs like food for at least for 2 months.

·         We thank God that our permission to minister in the prisons in Uganda was renewed, so our volunteers have resumed going to the prisons to preach!

·         We thank God that He has been opening doors for Francis to share ministry in the USA and will be  Key speaker at Prisoners’ family Conference in Houston, He will minister in a prison in Houston and also will attend a workshop on Children with a parent on death row or executed in Geneva!

·         Thank God for Viola 15; a child of a prisoner, we rescued from sexual abuse and now is at Wells of Hope.

 ·         Thank God, I was featured on a US television see

Prayer requests:

·         Pray for the children that they would walk in the destinies God has for them.

·         Pray for Connie, who is hosting me in Houston, the doctors said her father was supposed to live up to yesterday, but he is still hanging on to life; pray that the family will be strengthened in this time. May God bless Connie who has sacrificed this time when she is supposed to be by her father, but decided to host Francis and to arrange for him meetings to meet people he can share about Wells of Hope Ministry in Uganda.

·         Pray for Francis, He will be speaking at the National Conference on Families of Prisoners in Houston on the 21st February 2013; He will also facilitate a workshop at this conference. That God will use him mightily!

·         It’s a rainy season  at Wells of Hope  Academy school for Children of prisoners and it’s so cold that ,yet most of the children lack  any warm clothing, they need school sweaters and jackets to put on to be warm, May God release USD 1420 to get sweaters and  jackets shoes for all the children!.

·         Most of the children lack school shoes and sandals to use after the classes which make them to look shabby and they can easily hurt their feet, we need $ 1400

·         The new children almost have nothing, they lack blankets, bed sheets and other basic needs, this is making them to share the beds, basins.

·         The beds are not enough are most of them and broken, some children sleep on the floor. We need USD 7200 urgently to get 60 metallic double beds!

·         We need a sports uniform as children go for sports; we are planning to have our sports day at 26th March, 2013 however the children lack sportswear.

·         Pray for The secondary school students like Promise who lack the scholastic materials needed at the new school.

·         Pray that we can put verandah and aprons on the buildings or else the foundation of the buildings is under threat, may God provide $ 5370.

·         Pray that God provides to complete the bathroom, this needs bathroom $ 2320 to fix, and the government also requires that we build separate bathroom or toilets for the teachers!

·         Pray that God provides money for the play field for the children to play.

·         Sometimes our needs threaten us and look big, may God continue to strengthen and increase our faith in him.

·         Pray for all the new friends God has raised in this February 2013, pray for the people who have contributed money towards Wells of Hope that the Lord will increase their income and bless them and their families.

 ·         Pray for all the people who have hosted Francis and those who will host him for the rest of the trip.

·         Pray for the Children of prisoners not only in Uganda, but all over the world.

Francis Ssuubi, Director

You can contribute or follow on facebook, at or Website: Telephone; 256772407716

International Network of Prison Ministries (INPM)

Please pray for all those associated with and benefiting from the network.

Serge Taran, Founder **International Network of Prison Ministries; http://prisonminist htm


Pastor Wilson, Pastor at Nibandhana Prayer Ministry

 The Pastor and people will need staff assistance in making this vision come true. And hiring part-time helpers brings into play the reality of our being a small size congregation. Our followers are diverse so many different needs and interests. But there are not enough of us, not yet any way, to fund the hired hands we need to lead the way and mentor members who will volunteer if they have a strong support system in the Church office. Pray for guidance in this area.

 Our pastor will give leadership and guidance to the confirmation pro- gram, having the options of teaching and mentoring lay teachers. He will encourage and support the children’s ministry and vacation programs. We have been fortunate in our choice, because he has worked in visible and many invisible ways to give wholesome out lets and informal instruction to our kids. He’s gathered the support of parents and church members at large who understand the importance of this Ministry.

  Pray we can obtain the tools necessary to spread ”the cup of the new covenant”, of Jesus Christ via internet, websites, conference hookups, distance / earning, and like. In this regard we need the computers fully equipment of scanners and printers too. Thanks be to God. Amen. (Pastor N.J. Wilson)

Lotsha Ministries was born out of a desire, based on the many years of experience to see that inmates of all ages, but especially the youth of our country are led to a “new life in Christ” during their incarceration. Then, at the most significant time – on release from prison – that a structure would be found in place for Christians to “adopt” and spiritually support and assist these fellow believers, encouraging their way forward towards successful re-integration. Pray for God’s Blessing in this work.

Sydon Kalua and our friends of LOTSHA Malawi Africa,


 From our Coordinator

 On Thursday Gordon Taylor is scheduled to meet with the elders at ARBCA member Heritage Baptist Church in Owensboro, KY to go over RBMS policy for sending out a missionary.  Ted Christman is one of the pastors of this church.  On the Lord’s Day, February 24, Gordon is scheduled to preach in the AM worship service at ARBCA member church Cornerstone Fellowship in Newburgh, IN where Bill Francis ministers.  Then on the Lord’s Day evening Gordon will be preaching at the Grace Reformed Baptist Church in Owensboro, KY.  Please pray for the Lord’s strength and blessing in these various opportunities. 

From Faith Reformed Baptist Church in Media, PA

As always, we are thankful for your fellowship and partnership in the Gospel.  This January marked my tenth year as pastor of FRBC.  I love our church and am thankful for God’s patience and undeserved kindness and blessing.  We have enjoyed a number of years of peace, unity, sweet fellowship, and growth as a church. 

 Over the last few months, we have had a continual stream of visitors, a number becoming regular attenders.  Several have expressed interest in membership and we hope to hold an Inquirer’s class for them soon.  Our biggest concern and prayer is for the awakening and conversion of the many children in our church.  Our families are pursuing Christ in their homes, and many children show a spiritual interest, but we have not had a public profession for some time.  We are praying that the flood-gates would be opened and God would do a work in many young hearts and a momentum would be created for the Gospel in our young people. 

 I just completed a sermon series on Ecclesiastes that was well-received by our people and have just begun preaching through Philippians.  Pastor Bob Walton is teaching a Sunday School class on Eschatology (Individual and General) and Pastor Glenn Force is teaching on Sanctification (using the book, Christ Formed In You, by Brian Hedges, published by Shepherd’s Press).  We have our Lord’s Supper service every first Sunday evening, an extended prayer service every third Sunday evening, and a Fellowship meal and prayer service on fourth Sundays.  There are several small groups, men’s and women’s Bible studies, and children’s and youth ministries that are going on throughout the week. 

 Due to overcrowding (and growing children taking up more square-footage), we desperately need to finish out the basement of our new building and add more classrooms.  But God has been blessing us financially, and we hope to complete that work this year with cash on hand. 

 Thank you for your prayers and fellowship!

 In Christ,
Matt Foreman
For the elders at Faith Reformed Baptist Church, Media, PA


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