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November 18, 2012 by directorfsm

FSM/FSMWO Special Prayer
Requests Weeks of
18 Nov- 01 Dec 2012



 We finally received the drawings for the new church in Lakeshore, MS from the engineer.


 Orenda, a prayer partner on LinkedIn sends I would like for those who can and desire to do so… Pray for me. Please pray for me that I may rise in my calling and reach more people with confidence and conviction.

Continue to pray for all the victims of Sandy.

Pray for traveling mercies for the upcoming Thanksgiving week. Many of our friends and family will be traveling.

Please continue to pray for Mike and Naida as they strive to do God’s will concerning their moving to Lakeshore, MS.

For Rebuilding Lakeshore ministry and Lakeshore Baptist Church. There are many needs, including a new large mower; money to wire, plumb and sheet rock the donated house.

Zack E. as he prepares to take the LSAT (Law School) exams.

Continued healing prayers for:

Kathy D. undergoing Chemo for Breast Cancer
Shelia W. diabetes related issues
Bob and Vickie B. Multiple Scoliosis
Rich B. recovering (near 2 years) from heart surgery
Galindi (sp?) cancer of the mouth
Violet P. inner ear infection
TJ undergoing Chemo
Janice M. recovering from a heart attack on Wednesday
McCoy who has a cold

 Employment for; Robert O., Iva F., Marie F., Jessica R., Mike T. and Tom D. seeking fulltime work.

 Fellow Ministries

Prisons Mission Society” Pakistan:!/maurice.shahbaz

 Prison Fellowship

Weekly Prayer Report invites you to join us in praying for the work being done in prisons throughout the country, and for the lives being touched by this ministry. This week, please pray:

for the women in Prison Fellowship’s pre-release program at Women’s Huron Valley Correctional Facility in Michigan. Pray for continued growth in their walk with the Lord, and for provision, assistance, and open doors following release.

that the Lord will provide more churches desiring to participate in Angel Tree this year.

for the success of the new faith dorm at the Muskegon Correctional Facility in Michigan opening this month. Pray for the 160 men who will be housed in the dorm and for the provision of committed volunteers and godly staff to yield spiritual fruit for years to come.

for God to use Prison Fellowship volunteers to effectively communicate the truth of Jesus Christ in all their ministry to prisoners and their families.

for our new and commissioned Centurions to greatly influence their communities and spheres of influence with biblical truth.

 Wells of Hope Academy, Uganda:

 Please continue to pray for their financial needs.

 You can contribute or follow on facebook, at or Website: Telephone;256772407716

 T F O N Z      Newsletter,  12th November, 2012

(Note for the full newsletter email Mike)


True Freedom Outreach New Zealand bringing help and hope to inmates of Kanater Prison linked with Maadi Community Church and the international visiting team in Cairo, Egypt, led by Poncet Ouwo Mete.

Psalm 136:1    “Give thanks to the LORD, for He is good.  His love endures forever.”

The Situation in Egypt:

PRAY for the newly elected Pope of the Coptic Orthodox Church, Pope Tawadros II, who faces many issues, including cooperation with the Islamic leaders, church unity, and working with the new government to produce a law for building churches.

 PRAY for the government as it faces 2 massive challenges: poverty and security.  There has been a huge increase in crime; tourism has not picked up; there is a power crisis, and shops may not  be open after 10pm; and there is talk that the government will not be able to pay its workers after the end of 2012.

PRAISE GOD for the amazing 4-day evangelistic event (25-28 October) in the desert north of Cairo, attended by 50,000, where many people gave their lives to the Lord.

SENDING CARDS and LETTERS  to prisoners in KMP and KWP

Some of you have asked about where to send mail to prisoners.  Poncet says some are still writing directly to the prison, but he thinks it best if mail is sent to the Maadi address:

So, when writing to the prisoners, please address each letter as follows:

“Prison Ministry”

(Name of the Prisoner),

M.C.C.,       P.O. Box 21,     Maadi,   Cairo, Egypt

I do encourage you to send Christmas cards to our brothers and sisters  in prison if you can.

 COMING BIRTHDAYS in November – January:

Remember to use the new address given above when you send letters and birthday cards to a brother or sister in Kanater.

KMP Birthdays:

Antony Agbarakwe Columbus (Nigeria), Nov. 15;

Wamba Wamba Michael (Cameroon), Nov. 16;  Divine Oluchi Anyaoha (Nigeria), Dec. 7.

KWP Birthdays:

Michele Sophia Herelle (UK), on Nov. 8th;        Liliana  Rodriguez (Colombia) on Dec. 4th.


I want to thank everyone for their generous and faithful giving, for the ministry, as well as to individuals.  A SPECIAL REQUEST:  for Christmas gifts to reach Kanater in time, I really need to receive your Christmas gifts the week before the end of November.

Please do not send cheques to me by name, but if you wish to send a cheque for the prison ministry or an inmate (or inmates), please make it payable to TFONZ, and post it to Jeanette Grimmer at this address:

Miss Jeanette Grimmer, 154 State Highway 1,  RD 1, Warkworth 0981, New Zealand.

Jeanette’s e-mail is:

INPM New Members Sept – Oct 2012

Mon Nov 5, 2012 7:10 am (PST) Posted by:  International Network of Prison Ministries

Please, pray for these new members, encourage and welcome them.
Let them know of *YOUR* ministry!

Jenn Harris Music Ministry <http://prisonminist>

Someone Cares Ministry <>

Surrender40 Ministries,Inc. <http://prisonminist 40>

NikaoMinistries <http://prisonminist>

Penitentiary Pastoral Care of the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church <http://prisonminist>

Shawna Lynne Alms Ministry <http://prisonminist>

Silo Church<http://prisonminist>

HMP YOI Thorn Cross <http://prisonminist s>

Mark Barmes Prison Ministry <http://prisonminist>

Prison Fellowship UK<http://prisonminist>

The Saints Prison Ministry Carolina <http://prisonminist>

Freedom Fortified <http://prisonminist fied>

The Saints Prison Ministry Southeast <http://prisonminist>

Christformation In You Ministries International <http://prisonminist>

Christ’s Center for Hope <http://prisonminist>

Church of the Lord World Wide<http://prisonminist>

Jail and Prison Ministry Calvary Chapel Garland<http://prisonminist>

Prison Ministry Texas <http://prisonminist>

Action for Children in Crisis International Inc. <http://prisonminist ia>

Evangelical Prison Chaplaincy in Paraguay <http://prisonminist>

Serge Taran, Founder **International Network of Prison Ministries; http://prisonminist htm


The Tabb’s

Dan, Amy and Jayden missionaries to Northern Ireland Last I heard they were still looking for continued funding for their work Sports Across Ireland Also pray for their desire to purchase a building to start a church.

 Rev Varon and his family in the Philippines

Continue to pray for Rev Varon and family.

They began their missionary journey today Nov 18th and will travel until the 23rd. They will be doing inter island preaching the gospel… we will be preaching while traveling from island to island from Bacolod City Bredco Port to Dumangas Port Iloilo… then Iloilo City to Passi city to Capiz and Aklan…. we will be traveling by sea from Caticlan Port to Roxas Port and traveling in Occidental Mindoro…. then going to Calapan port Oriental Mindoro to Batangas Port to Batangas area.

Your missionary in the Philippines,

Pastor E. G. Varon


 From our Coordinator

The messengers at the ARBCA General Assembly approved two Special Projects for 2012 – 2013.   The goal of the Cuba project is $10,000 as requested by the Trinity Reformed Baptist Church in Kirkland, WA.  Pastor Don Lindblad is scheduled for another trip to Cuba late in November.  So far $922.38 has come in for this project.  The second request for $5,000 comes from the Faith Reformed Baptist Church in Media, PA for the publishing of gospel literature in Kenya.  So far $946.88 has come in for this project.  All gifts should be sent to ARBCA, P O Box 289, Carlisle, PA 17013.

 IRBS Summer Interns

Dear Brothers in the Ministry,

The time has come again to seek places for Summer 2013 internships for IRBS students. Several of our men are already in the process of arranging internships, but we have some other outstanding men who may be available for Summer 2013.

If you and your church would have an interest in hosting one of our men, please write to me. I will be glad to send a copy of our internship guidelines and to facilitate your contact with one of these men.

In Christ,

 Prof. Renihan

From Grace Covenant Church in Virginia Beach, VA

Dear Sister Churches,

I hope this letter finds you doing well. In the past year, our church has been in a season of blessing. In God’s providence, much of that has had to do with being in a new building. Our attendance and finances have greatly increased since we have been in the building. Because of our increase in giving, this will allow us to support more missionaries in the coming year. We are truly grateful with how God has blessed our ministry in the last year.

As some of you may know, we have a transitional house ministry named Bartimaeus House that our church oversees. We have two townhouses that houses 8 men coming out of jails, prisons and detox centers. Usually, it is a year program for the men. It is a ministry that has its ups and downs. Usually, we are always trying to keep its head above water financially. However, we had our annual fund raising banquet for the year and raised a little over $11K. This will more than likely give us the funds to keep it going throughout the year. Also, currently we have 8 men in the ministry. Greg Tucker has gone through the ministry and now is a house supervisor. We truly believe that he has been converted in the ministry and shows real growth. The ministry has had little spiritual success but he is a shining light. It seems as though he will move forward for church membership.

On Sunday morning, we have been preaching through the book of Proverbs. It seems to be of benefit to the church, especially the young people in the church. On Sunday night, each one of the elders is taking a turn teaching through the Institutes.

We appreciate your prayers and God Bless,

 Joe Gilliam, written for the elders of Grace Covenant Church 

 From Heritage Baptist Church in Worcester, Massachusetts

The past year has been interesting for a number of reasons. November 10, 2011 was the day Heritage closed on a building. That was one year ago today. The building was originally a Baptist church mission to the Swedes in the neighborhood when it was full of them. It was preserved due to its architecture and beauty. The facility was refurbished in 2003 and moved ¼ mile to a new foundation in its present location. It was a welcome center for the Heritage Corridor of the Blackstone Valley National Area. It was then a coffee shop, a book store and finally a full-service restaurant. We have turned it back into a usable church building. We have been working on various additional projects and have now been able to return to a more normal slate of meetings on the Lord’s Days. What I thought would take a few weeks turned into many months.

I have observed two things through the years that tend to turn into controversies in churches. They are building projects and discussions about adding pastors or elders. Both of these categories have given us a number of challenges. Three families became impatient and have now left us in a divisive manner over issues including the appointment of a man as a second elder. When you are already a smallish congregation, three departures can be a big blow. A council is being convened in early December to help us sort through some of these and related issues. There is so much more that could be written.

Running concurrently with these issues has been some vexing problems with my health. On the day Heritage moved from one building to the other, I ended up at the Emergency Room with two kinds of blotches all over my body. It appeared to be an allergic reaction to Cipro—a powerful antibiotic I was on for three different infections. The blotches went away eventually. However, I felt more agitated than before. I realized my blood pressure readings were much higher, I had a few irregular heartbeats and my pulse would become rapid randomly without provocation. Off to the doctor. He could not find a cause, though since it seemed to be related to the allergic reaction to the antibiotic. He put me on more blood pressure medicine. A month later, the pressure was still high so he added a second medication. I was told to stay away from stressful situations. I smiled. I returned another month or so later. The pressure was still elevated. He put me on a third medication and doubled the first one. Eventually, the original dose of the beta-blocker was tripled and two more meds were added to give me what used to be a normal BP.

Along with the medications, a battery of tests were pursued to find the cause of the irregular and rapid beats. Each one needed to be approved by the insurance company, then scheduled, then done, then results given. It seemed as if there was a six week (or more) cycle within the tests. Nothing was conclusive. After ten months of this routine, a suggestion was made to look for a two substances in my urine. One of them, a particular acid was found as an indicator. I was questioned about a set of symptoms. I had experienced most if not all of them during the past 10-11 months or more. The doctor was careful to tell me they had only found an indicator and it was not a diagnosis. The indicator is an elevated level of 5-Hydroxylidoleactic acid. It may be that I have Carcinoid Syndrome. I have been sent to an Endocrinologist for further investigation. As I am writing this report, I am wearing a monitor for 14 days to record what is going on with my heart. When it feels contrary, I press the button, the monitor takes a reading and sends it to a lab for recording via a smart phone. At the lab are a number of techs under the watchful eyes of a cardiologist. I am thankful for the technology available to me at this time.

My strength is drained, I am a weaker man, my mind can be affected by all of the medicines ( I take ten pills each morning), yet my confession is that the Lord is still worthy to be blessed. I do not know what all of this means for the near or distant future. We face these things with faith in God and not ourselves. I am still a sole elder in a needy, but strategic, church (at least I and one other man think so). I thank the many of you who know something about these things, have encouraged me in many ways and have pledged your prayers for me and the church. I am glad to be a part of an association of like-minded churches at a time like this. I bless God that we don’t face these things alone.

Desirous of your continued prayers,

 Mike Renihan, Pastor
Heritage Baptist Church
Worcester, MA

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