Week 1 update Lakeshore, MS

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October 21, 2012 by directorfsm

Well as week 1 of my 7 week trip to Lakeshore MS comes to a close, I thought I’d share what has been happening.

First thank God I arrived safe and sound. I drove long and hard to get here Monday in time for the tele-conference with the ARBCA  planing committee. The meeting went well and hopefully we can start on the foundation for the new Church building when they arrive 05-12 Jan 2013.

Tuesday I finished getting settled in to one of the conex-container rooms and securing the tools I brought. Then Pastor Don and I went and looked at the house that is being donated to the ministry here. The place is for the most part structurally sound, but has been vandalized and will need all new wiring and plumbing as well as exterior doors. Of course all this costs money. Later Tuesday I started the daunting task of mowing and weed whacking the property. For those who have been here you can imagine the time and effort it takes with a push mower. Anyway after near 8.5 hours I am about half done around the office, church and sleeping areas.

Wed in the AM Don and I went to a breakfast for the Gulf Coast Baptist Association. Attendance was light but the time was fruitful. Later Robert, from the church and I spent much of the day together fixing and securing the front door to the donated home, food shopping and just fellowshipping. Wednesday evening service was great as I got to meet old friends and catch up on things.

Thursday more mowing, weed whacking and general maintenance. I do not think that anyone envisioned the camp being used as it is for so long. Things are definitely starting to wear out and break down. That evening Mr James had us over for Men’s fellowship and bible study. I enjoyed it very much. Friday I managed to diagnose and replace the light on the outside of the shower trailer without getting zapped (Pastor Steve and Skip would be proud of me). Of course there was more mowing and weed whacking.

Sat I rested and just poked around Bay St Louis, Kiln and Waveland. Today of course we had Sunday service and Don finished up a series on Chapters 8 and 9 of 2 Corinthians.

Next week it is more lawn mowing, maintenance and cleaning as we prepare to host a Men’s Summit Friday through Sunday. Guest speaker is Pastor Jeff Kisiah of NC, who is bringing some 30 men from all over to the event. Why not join us?

Please pray for the following:

1) The Men’s summit, that many from the community will come out for the event.

2) A new LARGE mower, the push mower just does not cut it

3) Monies to start on the donated house

4) My time here will not be in vain and God will be glorified in all of it

In HIS Service


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