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October 21, 2012 by directorfsm

FSM / FSMWO Special Prayer

Requests Weeks of

21 Oct – 04 Nov 2012


Despite a very long first day (near 18 hours) on the road Mike arrived safe and sound in Lakeshore MS.

Our good friend Laszlo P. of Grace Baptist Church Carlisle PA has finished his last Chemo treatment.


Pray for Pastor Steve Graham as he’s in Russia (Vladivostok) for a 2 more weeks . May God use him mightily there.

TJ, a 26 years old young man who will start Chemo treatments for the 3rd time. He has been battling cancer for some time.

Lucas’s wife, who is in an advanced stage of pregnancy and had to undergo an emergency appendix removal.

Jacob and Donnie; serving in Afghanistan, and all our service men and women everywhere.

Mike’s daughter Danielle; who after 10 years is being medically discharged from the Army. She will be undergoing surgery on her ankle and foot that will leave her disabled for up to 18 months. Pray for success of the surgery and finances for her and her children.

For the upcoming 26-28 Oct Men’s Summit being hosted by Lakeshore Baptist Church here in Lakeshore MS. Pray the men will be built up and God glorified.

For Rebuilding Lakeshore ministry and Lakeshore Baptist Church. There are many needs, including a new large lawn mower; money to wire the donated house, a sign for the church and that the church build plans would get approved and completed quickly.

Continued healing prayers for:

Kathy D. undergoing Chemo for Breast Cancer

Shelia W. diabetes related issues

Bob and Vickie B. Multiple Scoliosis

Rich B. recovering (near 2 years) from heart surgery

Galindi (sp?) cancer of the mouth

Violet P. inner ear infection

Employment for; Robert O., Iva F., Marie F., Jessica R., Mike T. , Tom D. and seeking fulltime work.

Fellow Ministries
New Beginnings Inc.
Bob Marquis (one of this ministries advisors)
195 Pleasant Street #413
Malden MA 02148

Pray for financial support and Bob’s health issues

The Robinsons

Prayer needs this week:

Please pray for a young woman named Annie who started her treatments this week for lymphoma. She has a wonderful attitude and we would covet your prayers for her healing. We received an email from our friend Ginny that Roger Bass was in hospital with Hospice called in. We are so glad we were able to see him last winter; he is such a dear man. Betty Williams asked for prayer for her Uncle Frank as well as an elderly friend of hers. Finally, I want to give a praise report that our son John was able to go into a burning building for training and did not suffer any issues with post-traumatic stress disorder. He has been appointed to a full time position with the Warren Fire Department and we are so very proud of him. We plan to spend a lot of time with our grandchildren this time off the bluegrass circuit. They are growing up so fast.

We wish to express our sincere appreciation to all who have crossed our path these last nine years. Mike and I just celebrated our thirteenth wedding anniversary and we’ve spent nine years of our marriage on the road with the Gospel Sing Ministry. We praise the Lord for all His provision and for all the wonderful people He has brought into our life through the ministry.

Friends of Jesus,

Mike & Mary Robinson

Prison Fellowship

Weekly Prayer Reportinvites you to join us in praying for the work being done in prisons throughout the country, and for the lives being touched by this ministry. This week, please pray:

for spiritual growth and encouragement from this weekend’s in-prison seminar at the Arizona State Prison Complex Winslow-Coronado Unit.

for the in-prison team at the Illinois Youth Center in St Charles; may God use them to powerfully reach the young men for Jesus.

for prisons and jails across the county. Pray that each child on the prisoners’ Angel Tree applications will be served by a local church with a gift and the Gospel.

for Angel Tree church coordinators throughout the country as they receive their children’s names and begin their Christmas ministry to families. May the Lord bless their efforts, especially as they attempt to make contact with the caregivers?

for the students, facilitators, and site coordinators of the Urban Ministry Institute programs in Southern California prisons to experience God’s grace. Pray that these programs produce Christian leaders within the prison and inner cities.

Calling All Churches

No Prison Fellowship program touches more lives than Angel Tree. Every gift presented with love to a prisoner’s child blesses not just that child, but also the caregiver, the incarcerated parent, and every volunteer who steps forward to make a phone call, take an Angel Tree tag, wrap a present, host a party, or make a delivery.

I praise God that as of today, we have received prisoner applications from 1,306 correctional facilities. Those applications represent 373,268 children – roughly the population of Minneapolis – whose mother or father will spend Christmas behind bars.

We still need many more churches to come forward and serve these children. If you’ve never served with Angel Tree before, I’d like to take this opportunity to personally urge you to get off the sidelines and help us make sure that every child is served by a local church or other organization this Christmas. If your own church, workplace, or civic group is not already participating in Angel Tree, I ask that you send an email or make a phone call today to invite them to get on board. Invite friends and family in other parts of the country to get involved as well.

You can direct people to our website to view the video that explains how Angel Tree works and why it is so desperately needed. You can also view the Prison Fellowship blog to learn which counties have the most children left unserved.

With your help, we can make a world of difference, assuring children that they are valued by their parents and introducing them to the incredible love of their heavenly Father.

Let’s make it happen.

For His Kingdom,

Garland Hunt
President, Prison Fellowship

P.S. To learn more about Angel Tree, and to find out how you or your church can get involved please visit the Angel Tree website, or call 1-800-55-ANGEL.
Wells of Hope Academy, Uganda:

We thank God; our children have been allowed to visit their parents in prison. Three times a year The children of prisoners under our care are able to visit their parents prison. During the visits their parents can cuddle, kiss them and lift them on their laps and talk face to face , for at least 45 -90 minutes. During that time the parents are able to do their parenting which they do not do every day.

The children are already counting hours and days to Thursday the 25th October 2012, when they will be visiting their parents in prison. This will be the third visit and the last one in this year. This time, the children will cut a Christmas cake inside the prison to celebrate an early Christmas with their parents (This does not replace their Christmas party in December, we will have a party for the children in Dec)

We are so grateful to all the friends who have made these visits possible in the past ,I am writing again to ask anyone who may be in position to help us, by donating any money towards this visit, I am certain God will bless you.

Today I was in the prison and the parents asked me to plead with the authorities so that they are accorded more time with the children, so that they do not rush talking with then children, they say children do not need to be rushed to express themselves .Pray that the children will be allowed to spend a longer time in prison.

We are still in need of funds, please pray for God’s provision, we need USD317 or 761,000 UGHS .Here below is the breakdown of the money needed. So far we have 60,000/= for the cakes.

1 Transport from school to office, luzira Prisons , Jinja prisons and back to school 1 450,000 450,000 187.5
2 Christmas cakes for three different prisons 3 30,000 90,000 37.5
3 Sodas for the children and the parents 6 20,000 120,000 50
4 Communication 10,000 10,000 4.1666667
5 Refreshments for children 70 1,000 70,000 29.166667
6 Refreshments for Volunteers 7 3,000 21,000 8.75
Totals 761,000 317.08333

In this visit, we also have a total of 17 children who will be seeing their parents for the first time in their lives. They were either born when their parents were in prison or by the time their parents were imprisoned they were too young.

This is a great opportunity for these children unlike the other children countrywide who never get this chance. And if they did, it cannot happen in a child friendly environment, such children will spend a shorter time, and will not have direct contact, in some cases the children will see their parents through a semi barrier like iron bars or wire mesh, which causes the eyes to pain, in some prison, the height of the window through which communication with the prisoner takes place is high and the child cannot easily reach. They would need someone to lift them to level. Many children have no one to take them to see their parents in prison.

Let us all pray that this visit can take place.


Francis Ssuubi
You can contribute or follow on facebook, at or Website: Telephone;256772407716

International Network of Prison Ministries http//

Please, pray for these new members, encourage and welcome them.

Silo Church HMP YOI Thorn Cross
Mark Barmes Prison Ministry Prison Fellowship UK
The Saints Prison Ministry Carolina Freedom Fortified
The Saints Prison Ministry Southeast Christformation In You Ministries International
Christ’s Center for Hope Church of the Lord Wolrd Wide
Jail and Prison Ministry Calvary Chapel Garland Prison Ministry Texas
Action for Children in Crisis International Inc. Evangelical Prison Chaplaincy in Paraguay
Upper City Covenant Church Beacon Correctional Facility Kairos Prison Ministry
Elizabeth Francina Fernandez Ltd Twin Lakes Lifeline Connection
ThugExposed Ministries-Gang & Drug Prevention The Center for Church and Prison, Inc.
The Galyons Chaplain, USAF Nevada
James, Sharon, Jameson,
Jenna and Jonathan
319 Redondo St.
Hendersen, NV 89014

From Sycamore Baptist Church in East Moline, IL


We rejoice to be a part of an Association of likeminded confessional churches and pray often for all of you. It was not long ago that we wrote in the ARBCA update with both encouragement and sadness. With regard to sadness, you may recall that a young family in our church lost their child five weeks before their due date. This was terribly difficult for all involved, and especially so since they had recently moved from Illinois to Minneapolis and had not yet found a church. We, and they, thank you for your prayers. The Lord provided for them in every way, even with a church in the Minneapolis area to support them through this difficulty. It is a comfort to know that most everywhere we go, the Lord may “have many people in this city” (Acts 18:10).

We also rejoice to have had the privilege of getting to know Gatlin Bredeson (and his wife Kim) over the summer months. He is a student at IRBS on track to graduate this year. The church benefited very much from his ministry among us. We pray that we will see men trained, equipped, and raised up for the ministry. Having Gatlin with us over the summer has allowed us to put a face upon our prayers.

We are also greatly encouraged by several people seeking membership. In our previous letter we asked for prayer and wisdom concerning a woman who suffers from severe depression, which greatly affects her assurance. We are confident that the Lord is doing a work in her and have encouraged her to pursue membership. We hope to bring her into membership in a couple weeks. We also asked for prayer regarding three young ladies pursuing membership. We have continued to work with them and have seen growth in their ability to articulate what they believe. We are very hopeful that the Lord will add them to Sycamore in the near future.

Lastly, we are beginning a prison ministry in October and ask that you would pray for the Lord’s blessing. There are several men, the elders included, who are committed to visiting the county prison. We have been granted permission to teach a class, much like a Sunday School class, one evening a week. Again, we are very encouraged by our Lord’s ministry among us and thank you for all of your prayers with and for us.

In the best of bonds,

From Grace Baptist Church in Jackson, Mississippi

We rejoice knowing that our sister churches are praying for us. During the past year we have experienced both joy and sadness. We faced a trying and difficult situation, which resulted in three families leaving our church. It is always sad to lose families but especially when you are unable to resolve issues. Each time we have gone through such times in our brief history, God has been faithful to bring us new families. We have eight adults that just completed our new members’ class and others visiting faithfully. We look forward to these new members using their spiritual gifts to help build up the “body” here at Grace.

Three weeks ago, one of our oldest members (in her early 80’s) had surgery; she is now recuperating at home and was at worship this past Sunday. She has been such a blessing to our church from the beginning. Pray that God would give her complete healing from the cancer. Also our family who has a four-year-old son with SMA, Reese, recently returned from Disney World, a trip that was granted by the “Make a Wish” foundation. Please continue to pray for him as well as his cousin, Evie, as they and their families continue to deal with this crippling muscular disease. They both will be in a wheelchair the rest of their lives. He has such a happy personality and is a joy to be around. His grandmother prays that God would save him and call him to be a pastor one day.

We continue to seek God’s will about our move to our new property for morning worship. We continue to meet there on Sunday and Wednesday evenings but remain at our location on the property of Reformed Theological Seminary for our Sunday morning worship. We have run into some issues the City of Jackson and the requirements they placed on plans we submitted to improve the existing building on the property. With these unexpected and costly requirements, we are rethinking our plans for a building. Pray that God would give us clear directions in what we need to do.

Pastor Thomas and one of our members went back to Africa for three weeks in May. They were able to help Erroll Hulse with the African Pastor’s Conferences for two weeks. Pray that God would continue to add more of these conferences in Africa for the many pastors who come and need good books with solid teaching. After these conferences they went to Zambia for the dedication of Emmasdale Baptist Church’s new building. Pray for this church and their pastor Isaac Makashinyi as they seek to do God’s work there. God is using this church to do much for His Kingdom there in Lusaka.

In December Pastor Bill’s wife, Linda, will be returning to India for her third trip. This time she will be staying longer than the team she is going with so she can do some personal ministry with those she met on her first two trips. Pray for her as she works alongside others in sharing the gospel and her extended time with others.

In January (17-19), we will again host the Sixth Annual Deep South Founders Conference; Dr. Sam Waldron will speak on God’s Covenant, the theme of this year’s conference. Pray for him as he preaches and is involved in a friendly debate on the first night with Dr. Elliot Johnson from Dallas Theological Seminary.

Pastor Thomas continues to preach through 2 Samuel in the morning worship and is about to begin a study in the Psalms on Wednesday evening. Pastor Bill is teaching a series on ‘How to Practice Biblical Love’ in Sunday School and preaching through 1 Peter in the Sunday evening service.

Again we thank you for your prayers and look forward to seeing some of you at Lakeshore in January and many others at our next GA in Bremen.

Pastor Bill Lash
Pastor Thomas Winn


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  1. Uncle Ronnie says:

    From The Sheperd’s post Ministry in La Pine Oregon. Lord of all creation bring persons seeking ministry studies after leaving their comforts inside. Open the heart of men and women to come receive discipling which will further the desire of their heart in knowing our Lord and HIS promines. Uncle Ronnie In Christ Jesus

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