Devotional Thougt for Today – 02/23/2021

Divisive: used to describe something that causes great and sometimes unfriendly disagreement within a group of people: PROVERBS 14 When one reads Proverbs 14, we quickly realize it is a series of contrasts with an overarching theme of wisdom vs. foolishness.  There are many sub-topics or other contrasting points but the (in my opinion) all relate to being wise or … More Devotional Thougt for Today – 02/23/2021

Psalm 119:14

What do you put a priority on? Worldly riches or the Word of God?    The Treasury of David EXPOSITION Verse 14. I have rejoiced in the way of thy testimonies. Delight in the word of God is a sure proof that it has taken effect upon the heart, and so is cleansing the life. … More Psalm 119:14

Quicken ME

Quickened means: made alive; revived; vivified; reinvigorated The psalmist is saying in effect it is your Law, your Holy Word Lord, that makes me live life to the fullest each day. How is this possible only by reading and meditating upon the Word of God daily. Look at verse 92  from the (AMP) below; If … More Quicken ME