Google’s Veterans Day doodle is woke and peculiarly illuminating

For at least a decade, and probably longer, Google has brought a woke edge to the daily doodles it has on its search engine home page. Its 2021 Veterans Day doodle was no exception for it managed to slip a transgender Marine into the mix. Although si… Source: Google’s Veterans Day doodle is woke and … More Google’s Veterans Day doodle is woke and peculiarly illuminating

The Deceit of Political Correctness

The Deceit of ‘Political Correctness’: How Marxism is Destroying America On July 23th, Stand in the Gap Today hosts, Sam Rohrer and Dr. Joe Green, interviewed Dr. Marlene McMillan about the concepts in her book Mountains of Deceit: How the Dialectic Process has Infected the Culture. Dr. McMillan identifies words that have been redefined by our culture, and explains how these re-definitions are poisoning the hearts … More The Deceit of Political Correctness

In the News

‘Theology’ of angry, foul-mouthed Lutheran far from biblical A self-proclaimed “public theologian” is being taken to task for a profane tweet targeting a Christian businessman whose religious freedoms have been upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court. Trump paving the way – GOP must follow up with black voters Republicans have already got black voters on board … More In the News

Pro-Life News

Scientists Confirm Unborn Children Feel Pain During Abortions, as Early as 12 Weeks A “pro-choice” scientist is urging the medical community to put politics aside and consider growing evidence that unborn babies may feel pain as early as 12 weeks of pregnancy. Abortion Has Killed 61 Million Babies, Violates Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Dream … More Pro-Life News

FRC Update

Secretary Ben Carson: America’s Dr. Politically Incorrect October 25, 2019 By Tony Perkins “This whole concept of political correctness … it’s going to destroy our nation.” That was the no-nonsense response of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary Ben Carson to Congresswoman Jennifer Wexton (D-Va.) earlier this week. Wexton was trying for a “gotcha” moment in a … More FRC Update

Christian Student Opted for her Faith over Failing Grade

  The U.S. Supreme Court has decided not to review the case of a high school student in Maryland who, despite threats of receiving a failing grade, refused to deny her faith by making a written profession of the Muslim conversion prayer. Caleigh Wood, a Christian 11th-grade public school student in Maryland, was also forced … More Christian Student Opted for her Faith over Failing Grade