Dennis Prager – Just as I Predicted…

“The lockdowns are the greatest mistake in human history.” Dennis was mocked and dismissed for making this statement nearly two years ago. Now “the experts” are coming out of the shadows to report on the damage (mental health, suicide, eating disorders) the lockdowns have had—especially on younger generations. Dennis reads from an article confirming what … More Dennis Prager – Just as I Predicted…


POSTED ON August 17, 2020 by beautybeyondbones                 I’ve gone back and forth, and back and forth about publishing this post. Because, let’s be honest, a lady’s not supposed to talk about politics, religion or money. But then, when have I ever followed the rules when it comes to that. But … More KAMALA ON LIFE


By Michael Hendrix  August 21, 2020   This essay is part of a special series of the American Project that seeks to address the crisis of loneliness during the global COVID-19 pandemic.   New Yorkers are used to hearing sirens. And then came March’s round-the-clock ambulance wails, every hour of every day. Through the barred windows of my … More WE ARE SUFFERING FROM A SOCIAL RECESSION, TOO.

Mental Health Support for Women Veterans

Mental Health Support for Women Veterans Whether they’re supporting a family, finding a new career, or adjusting to life away from their unit, women Veterans can face a range of challenges. “For You,” a new public service announcement from Make the Connection, highlights these challenges and the support to help women Veterans cope. Read Now   Remember this site has resources for … More Mental Health Support for Women Veterans

Healthcare Freedom Update: Wins, Concerns, and Continuing Struggles

The Opioid, Mental Health, and HIV Crisis: A Reason for Concern The Q & A audio clips below highlight an interview with  Stand in the Gap Today radio host, Sam Rohrer and Twila Brase, President and co-founder of the Citizen’s Council for Health Freedom. To LISTEN to the entire PROGRAM, click HERE. To READ the entire TRANSCRIPT, click HERE.