Faithfully Different

“Christians” are called to have a “Biblical World View”, this article points out some of the issues face in such a task today. It should go without saying that, in 21st century America, most of the assumptions at work in contemporary culture are not Christian assumptions. And whatever new “normal” is, it’s constantly changing, it’s anything but worldview neutral. As my … More Faithfully Different

Unexplained Light

Unexplained Light About a month before the great December conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, NASA researchers announced a separate, unexpected discovery: evidence of light in deep space without an explainable source. After studying photographs taken by the New Horizons space probe, which is now 4 billion miles away but still beaming footage to Earth, NASA came … More Unexplained Light

The Problem with Talking about Right and Wrong

The Problem with Talking about Right and Wrong Colson Center for Christian Worldview JOHN STONESTREET WITH ROBERTO RIVERA Perhaps the most helpful framework I know of in wrestling with moral issues comes from T.S. Eliot. Before we can know what to do with something, we must know what that something is for. For example, before we decide what we … More The Problem with Talking about Right and Wrong

A Letter to ‘Cancel-Culture’

Today’s BreakPoint: A Letter to ‘Cancel-Culture’ JOHN STONESTREET WITH SHANE MORRIS To do or to say something insufficiently progressive these days risks the wrath of what’s being called “cancel-culture.” A mostly young and mostly online gaggle of so-called “social justice warriors” will attempt to silence anyone they deem to hold views sufficiently problematic or insufficiently “woke.” … More A Letter to ‘Cancel-Culture’

The Philosophy Fad

The Philosophy Fad Quoting Marcus Aurelius Doesn’t Make You a Stoic JOHN STONESTREET  WITH ROBERTO RIVERA According to Wikipedia, “cultural appropriation” is “the adoption of elements of one culture by members of another culture.” While accusations of cultural appropriation fly around a bit out-of-control these days, the most contentious example is the taking of cultural artifacts … More The Philosophy Fad

BreakPoint: Getting Back to Which Jesus?

Why Christianity Requires Your Mind by: John Stonestreet &  G. Shane Morris “The scandal of the evangelical mind is that there is not much of an evangelical mind.” That stinging first sentence opens Mark Noll’s game-changing book, “The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind,” which was published 25 years ago this month. In the book, Noll takes American Christianity to … More BreakPoint: Getting Back to Which Jesus?