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FSM/FSMWO Special Prayer

Requests Weeks of

Sep 9th– 23rd 2012


 They got the job; Ashley G. finally has her first teaching job after many months of prayer and Iva F. was able to take over Ashley’s old job. God gave us a twoferJ

Mike and Naida: our local church voted to support us financially in our endeavor to work in Lakeshore, MS, one hurdle down one other big one (sell house) to go. There was a realtor’s open house this past Thursday and our realtor seems encouraged by the outcome. Please keep this in prayer.

Today in church we had a guest speaker from Moldova. He shared about Camp Larga, a Christ centered youth (age 8-15) summer camp for children of the region. It was a true blessing to hear of the work there and to partner with them in prayer. Find out more at or on Facebook at


 Knijinski Mathonican asks for prayer for her husband Kelvin D’Andre Lewis an inmate in Beaumont Texas

Evangelist Bill Ecklesea asks for prayer for his ministry.

Please pray for:

Our President, and legislature, the courts that they would seek God’s divine guidance

Christians to not be ashamed and get busy doing God’s work

God’s continuing providence for America as we are in a period of moral and ethical decay that is unprecedented in modern times

Pray for our Armed Forces everywhere

Our youth especially those in public schools that they      walk in the light of the Lord and have his angels guarding them.

Salvation for lost family, friends and those who oppose us

Samaritan’s Purse and their Shoe Box Ministry that this would be a banner year.

Prison Fellowship and their Angel tree Ministry, last year some 143 families in Western MA alone were not able to be helped by Angel Tree. Pray for more churches and ministries to pick up the cause.

For Dave F., and his health and work issues, the two may be related.

Also pray for his and Fran’s food truck business to get started.

That Tim and his wife from Dave’s work would accept the invite to attend church.

For Marie F., that work situation would improve or God would lead her to another job.

For Kathy D. our church secretary and worship team member who starts Chemo Sep 21st. also pray for her friend’s relationship with an inmate. May God be glorified in it all.

For Julia, whose husband has been incarcerated for 18 years and with another 18 or so to go, that God would give her strength to endure. Also that God would show her husband what he wants of him while in this current facility.

From our friends at ACLJ: (lengthy intro but needed)

I’ve got a great idea for a screenplay. Hollywood should love it, and it’s even based on a true story.

A lone research professor discovers that powerful interests are manipulating science to foist upon the people of a state a series of unjust regulations. But that’s not all. As he digs down into the data, he discovers corruption and misconduct. The state’s lead “scientist” turns out to have a fake degree, purchased from a fictitious “Thornhill University.” Moreover, key members of the state’s “scientific review panel” have overstayed term limits by decades. The professor blows the whistle, the scientist with the fake degree is suspended, the scientific review panel dislodges its entrenched members (at least temporarily), and the state begins to rethink its long-held assumptions.

Such a brave dissenter, a man unafraid to “speak truth to power” has no doubt been showered with academic awards, right? This is why professors work to protect academic freedom, isn’t it? The Left loves science, so this man must be an academic hero.

Not so fast. If the science the professor challenges is junk science engineered to justify draconian emissions regulations in California, and if the wrongly entrenched scientists include radicals like a former member of the infamous “Chicago Seven,” then dissent is not quite so patriotic, and “power” is not quite so enamored with truth. Instead, this professor was terminated, his funding looted so that he was forced to work a year without pay as he appealed his termination, and he was denied even the ability to fully defend himself in his own appeals.

And at the end of the day, the “scientist” with the fake degree kept his job while the scientist who exposed fraud lost his.

FIRE, Reason, and many others have highlighted the professor’s plight, and late yesterday my colleagues and I at the ACLJ filed suit against officials from UCLA on behalf of Dr. James E. Enstrom, a research professor who blew the whistle on junk science, exposed very real scientific misconduct, and was fired for his trouble. Given the ideological monoculture of academia, I’ve long been amused by the Left’s claims of a Republican “war on science.” (Must everything be a “war”?) Does the academic Left really believe that groupthink breeds the kind of intellectual independence and fearlessness that the great scientists possessed?

We know the answer to that question, and so does Dr. Enstrom. Fortunately, however, the First Amendment still protects the right of academic dissent, and we will soon see if UCLA’s actions can withstand the scrutiny of federal court. Please keep this fight in prayer.

 Fellow Ministries
Jimmy Huff Ministries,
530 East 4th St
Colorado City, TX  79512

 Chaplain Huff continues his work serving God and inmates around the country. He does this subsiding only upon Social Security and your contributions. Your prays and donations are most welcome.

Weekly Prayer Report Prison Fellowship invites you to join us in praying for the work being done in prisons throughout the country, and for the lives being touched by this ministry. This week, please pray:

for the Colorado PFM Vision luncheon being hosted in Denver on September 6 for those interested in prison ministry. Pray that many will respond to God’s call for more committed volunteers and supporters.

for the in-prison team at the Stateville Minimum Security Unit in Illinois to effectively facilitate the Winning the Victory Life Plan seminars. Pray for an increase in the number of men attending, and for favor and cooperation with officers.

for God to draw men to Saturday’s kickoff presentation at the Pontiac Medium Security Unit in Illinois to learn about the Transformed Life pre-release program. May God speak hope to the men through the volunteers’ presentations – ask for many to respond to this opportunity.

that pastors and ministry leaders make ministry to Angel Tree children and their families a high priority this Christmas and throughout 2013.

for God’s equipping of all TUMI participants in our seminary-level ministry training curriculum to become key spiritual leaders to the Church inside the walls.

  These juveniles still need hearts to serve and pray for them.

The U.S. Supreme Court recently ruled that juveniles cannot be sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Our nation has the highest rate of incarceration in the world. My heart breaks when I receive letters from the youngest inmates who cry out for help from behind bars. These teenagers are desperate for a word of encouragement and a glimmer of hope.

For many, their future is bleak… these kids have fallen into the dangerous cycle of crime. They need a light in the darkness now more than ever.

Through your intercession, God can give hope to the most hopeless—and youngest—offenders.

Sign up for the Prison Fellowship Prayer Team today and pray for the girls and boys behind bars!

When you join the Prison Fellowship Prayer Team, you become a part of a community of believers who commit to lifting up prisoners, their families, and our nation’s leaders in prayer once a week.

Prisons Mission Society” Pakistan:  cordially invites you to participate in the Training Conference with the theme “Restoration” going to be held at Murree, Pakistan, held in September 18th to 21st 2012.

Prisons Mission Society is a Humanitarian Welfare and Social Organization. It started its function in 1999 as a charitable organization and officially registered to create a better world for prisoners to promote the education skills of prisoner’s as well as moral turpitude and to equip them to face their future upon their release. Increasing numbers of peoples in Pakistan are living below the poverty line. These peoples are not given the rights of survival, protection, development and participation.

Ok you probably cannot attend but you can pray for these folks. For more information see!/maurice.shahbaz

Wells of Hope Academy, Uganda:

 Very often, children of prisoners suffer the impact of their parents’ imprisonment; they pay daily for the price of their parents ‘prison term. Someone said that the children serve 6 times their parents ‘term in prison. Their parents only suffer denial of their liberty and other pains that go with it. A man in Uganda’s prison is assured of at least one meal a day, but his/her child is not sure whether he/she will get what to eat; many times the children have to work for the food. But the question will always be, what crime did they commit?

This week we have received 20 new children of the 45 that we traced recently, one of the new girls Juliet 10 years, was defiled when she was eight years by her uncle, and the family members decided to conceal the matter and she was told never to tell anyone.

Juliet’s mother and father are in prison serving a 15 year jail term, we were told that Juliet’s dad is a witch doctor hailing from Luwero, one day a child got lost on the village and was found after three days later in his shrine in a malnourished state, its alleged that he intended to sacrifice this child to appease his gods. As a result he was arrested together with his wife the mother of Juliet, by then Juliet was 4 years old.

Juliet has seven siblings, until yesterday, she was the only one left in school, however, as of now we have also taken on her brother Julius 6 years who has never been in school. One of their Sisters called Fiona 14 years was defiled and impregnated two years ago, as a result she dropped out of school, she was in primary five, and she gave birth to a baby boy Jesse 1 year old now. All these children to include Ronald 11 years who dropped out of school and Jesse the baby have been under the care of their grandmother a peasant. The where about of their other 3 siblings is still unknown.

This is just one of the many stories that show how children pay the price, Juliet asked my wife if they will be having porridge at Wells of Hope Academy, and Ellen assured her that they will have all meals. She narrated that last year and this year she would go without meals at school, because their grandmother could not afford to pay for porridge at school. She would go to school in the morning at 7.30 am and rush home at 5.00pm 2 miles away that is when she would have something to eat; her grandmother would have kept food for her which was cold in most cases.

When she was not at school, she would go digging with the grandmother, fetch firewood from the neighboring bush, and collect water from the well which is at a distance. She also had a role to wash her clothes and the ones of her brother Julius; she would also bathe Julius every day.

When I hear these stories from our children, I cannot believe they are happening here in Uganda, yet over the years we have seen that there very many children like Juliet. It’s sad that many times, these children, invisible in our community are looked on, and nothing is done as they get a punishment for no crime.

We request that you join hands with us and make a difference in the lives of these children. We need funds to complete their school and to run the school; any size of gift can make a huge difference.

Francis Ssuubi

You can contribute or follow the building progress on facebook, at or Website:

 T F O N Z       Newsletter,  1st September,  2012
True Freedom Outreach New Zealand bringing help and hope to inmates of Kanater Prison linked with Maadi Community Church and the international visiting team in Cairo, Egypt, led by Poncet Ouwo Mete.

Hebrews 13:6  “Remember those in prison as if you were their fellow prisoners, and those who are mistreated as if you yourselves were suffering”.

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I have chosen the above verse because of very distressing news just received from Kanater.  As I read my emails this week I learned that both Yusuf Okechukwu and  Ganiyu Isola Sule have elected to go on a hunger strike – an indication of the despair they feel at their situation.  Moreover, although Tina Geraldine’s release papers were in order, it seems she is still held in the Maadi Police Station, while authorities refuse to allow her to leave Egypt because of her unpaid LE100,000 fine. Please pray for all of the prisoners and these three in particular.

For more information on this ministry or for a list of inmates to write to contact: Miss Jeanette Grimmer, 154 State Highway 1,  RD 1, Warkworth 0981, New Zealand. Jeanette’s e-mail is:

Lakeshore Baptist Church in Lakeshore, Mississippi;
 Mailing address:
Lakeshore Baptist Church
Po Box 293
Lakeshore MS 39558

 Street address:

Lakeshore Baptist Church
6028 Lakeshore Road
Bay St. Louis MS 39520
(Google map)  and

They have for over 7 years been on the forefront of the rebuilding of Hancock County MS after hurricane Katrina. Their needs are still great.


 Pray for the Youth Retreat at Albany Baptist Church

 Pray for the ongoing issues with local open and affirming churches that 1St Church of Hixville Reformed Baptist are dealing with.

 Greetings from your brethren at Sovereign Grace Baptist Church in Ontario, CAL

We thank the Lord for our Association.  We read your prayer letters and pray for the various churches each week.  Our two elders are marking a few personal milestones.  In May, Pastor Jeff graduated from Westminster Seminary California and IRBS!  In October Pastor Steve will celebrate his 30th year in the eldership, all at SGBC.  Also, some of you have been praying for Pastor Jeff’s a-fib heart condition.  We are glad to say a recent medical procedure has given him much relief, which we pray will continue.

Bi-Weekly Prayer List

FSM/FSMWO Special Prayer

Requests Weeks of

Aug 26th – Sep 8th 2012


Amanda B. while attending Pine Brook Christian camp, shared the Gospel with a camper and the young girl asked Christ to be her Lord and Savior,

Kathy D. our church secretary, the surgery seems to have been a success she is waiting for one more test result and then the Chemo/Radiation treatments.

They got the job, Bill P finally has a job after many months of prayer and Dan C. got switched from temp to permanent at his work.

Gladys, one of our church neighbors is recovered and back to work after many months of physical therapy.

Wells of Hope Academy, Uganda: Thank you for your prayers. Praise God a friend has donated to supply us school desks. God is good, we now need prayer for Beds, Electricity supply, clean water, plastering of walls, gutters, water tank, doors, fire safety and windows for the classes.

Francis Ssuubi

You can contribute or follow the building progress on facebook, at or Website:


Please pray for Paul C. and his family upon the passing of his mother. Paul is questioning why God would take his mother now.

Alyssa M. Rarick (a Rebuild Lakeshore friend) my Mom received the results of the tests done on the section of her colon. The blockage of her colon was a tumor; which was taken out during my Mom’s surgery last week. One of the doctors, who performed the surgery, told my Mom and Dad that they believed the cancer was contained in the tumor taken from her colon. However, the doctor still wants my Mom to see a Cancer Doctor. Now, we are waiting to hear when she is to see the Cancer Doctor. Please keep her in prayer.

Please pray for all those involved in this year’s Youth Rally. Much planning and work goes into making this special night a reality.

Please pray for those with Illnesses and Injuries: Devon a little boy with cancer, Jen L. who is having a very difficult pregnancy, Rich Brown, Shelia Walsh, Ben L., Bob and Vickie, Laszlo P. and many more.

Please pray for Ashley G., Jessica R., Sara M, Tom D.  and others seeking full time employment

Ronald Lecuyer asks Continue to pray for the people of Haiti, latest reports are of very bad damage and possible loss of life.

Fellow Ministries
The Myers, Rick and Eva
Freedom Ministries,
PO Box 1687
Elizabethtown, KY  42702-1687

Pen-Pal and Prayer ministry to the incarcerated.

Weekly Prayer Report Prison Fellowship invites you to join us in praying for the work being done in prisons throughout the country, and for the lives being touched by this ministry. This week, please pray:

for God to develop His people and instill a desire to serve, helping us all to manage our affairs diligently.

for the seminar happening this weekend at the Fort Grant unit of the Arizona State Prison Complex, Safford.

for the weekly Bible studies on Thursdays at Avenal State Prison & Substance Abuse Treatment Facility in Corcoran, California.

that inmates trained through the IFI and TUMI programs will be bold, confident ministers of the Gospel whether in prison or in the community.

for the men in the Malachi Dads program in Glades Correctional Institute in Florida to be forever changed by the Gospel, and that their children would truly be reconciled to God and their dads.


Please pray for financial and spiritual support for The Harmon’s missionaries in, Puerto Rico for 18 years. They have a new address:

Rev. and Mrs. Jerry Harmon
Urb. Grand Palm I
24 Calle Palm Blvd.
Vega Baja, PR  00692

From Bible Fellowship of Greentown, Pennsylvania

Greetings from some of your Brothers in the Poconoes.

Many in our congregation are beyond mid-life, and are currently wrestling with patiently attending to the needs of their own frail and dying parents. Some of those parents are believers, many are not. But the reality of decay and the difficult last years of life are a reality which is never far from our people. Please pray for our faithful endurance through every hardship of life.

Our local towns are filled with weak and liberal denominational churches, with no small proportion of the locals (many who are only present in warm months) claiming a disinterested affiliation with Rome. Those challenges rest heavy upon us. But furthermore, we are burdened for the many locals whose drug/alcohol background has silenced their conscience and at times stolen away even the civility of neighborly interaction. We must find a way into the lives of these families to give them the hope of the glory of Christ. Please pray toward that end.

Just as many of you, we too at times can feel like an isolated small church with the attendant loneliness and insulatedness which can work to block bigger vistas of what God is doing. Pray that we would not become a dull, lazy body too focused on habit divorced from true spiritual zeal and eagerness for holiness and service. We want to be alive with the things of God. Pray for increased faith, and godly perspectives.

Lastly, we give abundant thanks for a couple recent reports of conversions! We will be spending time with those individuals to help them discern the Lord’s work of Grace. I bemoan the fact of how easily we can be skeptical about sudden professions of faith and almost cynical when we hear of several popping up in one place, but I take genuine joy in the fact that these individuals are dialoguing with me about the things of God on a level they had not done before. I look forward to waiting and seeing the Lord Jesus prospering those conversations in his hand—in his timing—for we know our work is not in vain. Pray we may be bold and faithful in speaking God’s truth in these conversations, as is right that we should.

We are thankful for you all, and we remember you often.

On behalf of the saints of Bible Fellowship Church of Greentown, along with the elders,

Pastor Jeremy Mendenhall

From Cornerstone Chapel in Bristol, Tennessee

Dear Friends,

     I want to echo what so many of you express in your updates:  I count it a joy and privilege to be among the churches of ARBCA, to pray for you, and to be reminded of your prayers for us.  In addition, the times of fellowship and renewal of friendships at the annual General Assembly are a great blessing (Thanks, again, to the folks at Pioneer Valley!).  Thanks be to God through our Lord Jesus Christ.

  A Request:  If any of you have recommendations for training materials or have developed your own regarding the diaconate ministry, I would grateful for your contributions, suggestions, and input.  Thanks for your assistance!

     Another sadness to our church in the last few months is due to the departure of two regularly attending families.  In both cases, the issue of church membership proved to be, for whatever reasons, irreconcilable.  Both families had been attending for quite some time, yet were unwilling to commit to membership, a situation that I/we regard as spiritually unhealthy.  We have not abandoned all hope of their return, but it does seem unlikely at this time.  Once again, to counter the sense of loss and sorrow over these departures, the Lord continues to bring a regular stream of visitors to us as well as to bring other regular attendees nearer to membership.  Please continue to pray for the Lord to build His church here as He is pleased.

     I have just recently started to preach through what I initially intended to limit to the first eleven chapters of Genesis.  My preparatory studies for this have inclined me to continue through the whole book, but for now, having preached a few introductory messages to the book, I am preaching a series of messages from chapter 1.  Your prayers for faithfulness in this task are greatly appreciated.

For the glory of God alone,

Randy McReynolds, Pastor

Mid-Week Prayer

FSM/FSMWO Mid-week Prayer Updates

19 Aug 2012

 Baby Emilee Grace On Monday, the doctors decided it was not Herpes causing the seizures as they originally thought, though they still do not know what’s wrong with her. She is still having internal seizures and until those stop they cannot do an MRI. Then we received an update that as of Mon night she has been seizure free, yet they still need to find out the cause of the seizures, so she is not completely out of the woods.

 Please continue prayer for healing mercies Kathy D. (Breast Cancer) Helen S. (Stroke) Rich B. (Post-Surgery paralyzed) Naida’s dad (Multiple Health Issues)

 Please prayer for our Christian brothers and sisters undergoing persecution around the world. Especially for those in Kenya, who have experienced an increase of attacks on local churches recently.

 From Grace Reformed Baptist Church, Camp Hill, PA, a church plant of Grace Baptist Church, Carlisle. We are conscious of the Lord’s blessing thus far on this small work and trust He will continue to add new attendees as we seek to serve Him faithfully. As with any small group, there are challenges and the opposition of the evil one, so we covet your prayers as we move forward toward constituting as a church in October. We are grateful to the people in Carlisle whose vision, support and prayers have been so instrumental in this new endeavor. It is our hope that God will raise up for us a faithful minister of His word in the coming months to pastor this new work. Please join us in praying for wisdom and grace as we look to the Great Shepherd of the church to provide us with such a man.

 From Trinity Reformed Baptist Church in Kirkland, Washington We covet your prayers not only for the regular ministry of the church, but also for some of our members who are facing particular hardship. In the Lord’s good, wise, and often mysterious providence, several of our members are suffering through various physical ailments and illnesses. A dear woman has undergone surgery for breast cancer, and is experiencing the difficulties associated with her chemo-therapy and radiation treatments. Another family is struggling through some of the hardships associated with owning a small business in our current economic climate. Many others face the ordinary trials of life, including the great spiritual trials that result from our ongoing confrontation with the world, the flesh, and the devil. Brethren, join us as we pray that God, out of the abundance of his goodness and love, would bless the Word, sacraments, and prayer, so that in and through these dark and difficult providences we might be further conformed to the image of Christ.  

 The Robinson’s Bluegrass Sing and Jam Pray for Terry D. who needs prayer for bladder and prostate cancer and for his continued growth in faith. We heard that our friend Nonie Hale from Florida is having open heart surgery. Please pray for her recovery. We want to put in a praise report about the twins born to Jenny & Jared Dolly. Jenny is the daughter of Greg & Sandy Cormier who promote the Blistered Finger’s Bluegrass Festivals. Jenny just gave birth to little Abigail & Liam and from the pictures on Face Book, they are ADORABLE! Keep them both in prayer as well as Jen and Jared as they get used to the rigors of parenting newborn twins!

 Friends of Jesus,

Mike & Mary Robinson

 Wells of Hope Village, Uganda During the last two weeks I have been travelling in different parts of Uganda, tracing children of prisoners, one thing that I have observed is that children in Uganda ,even those whose parents are not in prison, are in a great un describable crisis, and if nothing is done, the future of this country is bleak, raising up a generation that has been dented by poverty , and disease. With 50% of Uganda’s population being children, we have an uphill task to make the future bright for this nation.


Together with my team here we have visited a total of 33 families with 55 children with a parent in prison in the last two months, tracing children of prisoners . 21 families we visited, the parent in prison had murdered his or her spouse leaving the children parentless.

In Kasese,i met a young boy Brian 5 years who was knocked down by a Boda Boda (Moto cycle),the thigh bone broke into two and the leg is rotting, he needs urgent medical help. His father is serving a long term in prison, and he has never seen him.

In Mbarara I met with a woman, a mother of two girls who for the last seven years thought her husband had simply got lost, she cried when she learnt that the husband is in prison on deathrow, and I counseled her,it was a blessing for me to offer support, she was smiling with her daughter when I left.


Then in another village in Isingiro, i met a three children, they thought their father was dead, the whole village celebrated when they learnt that the father of these kids is alive,one man said that their hearts were out of their position, my visit has put their hearts back in the right place.

In another village, a grandmother looking after 3 children whose father is in prison was happy to know that her son in prison was alive, they were happy.

We hope to support all these kids at Wells of hope Academy, a school for prisoner’s children.

It was a very expensive and tiring journey moving through hard to reach terrain areas, mountainous, and hilly, rough roads, dusty roads, looking for families, I sat on Boda(motorcycle) for miles, the body pained, got headache and i was bathed in dust, I even caught a cough. But its a blessing..

 I am requesting, you to be part of this, together we can turn the tide of a child of prisoner, sincerely you will be blessed. Currently we are in dire need of help to maintain these children at Well of Hope. Please help us, help the children. These children cannot ask, that is why I am asking on their behalf.

 God bless you.

Francis Ssuubi



Bi- Weekly Prayer List

FSM/FSMWO Special Prayer

Requests Weeks of

Aug 12th – Aug 25th 2012

Lisa C. Hey every one! I am coming to y’all to ask for your prayers. Tomorrow evening Aug. 12th I am starting part one of being induced because I will be 15 days overdue. I know God will be with me and He is my strength but I am still very nervous. If it comes to your mind could you please pray for both my husband and I that we have the strength to get through this and have a safe birth of our little guy. Thank you so much! Christ is our only hope and strength and comfort! A mighty fortress is our God!

Kathy D. our church secretary who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and is undergoing surgery this week.

Emmalee Grace, a newborn who was born with the herpes virus on the brain. It is causing seizures and she must remain in ICU.

Jimmy Huff Ministries in Colorado City, TX that this retired Chaplain will get the financial and physical support he needs to carry on the work.

Please pray for Ashley, Bill P., Jessica R. and others seeking full time employment


Please continue to pray for Naida and I as we continue to pursue moving to MS as domestic missionaries. After three weeks on the market we finally had some folks look at our house this weekend. Pray it sells quickly.

Please pray for the recent influx of inmates that have written us, and the growing number of requests via the internet.

A nationwide effort to shut down pro-life pregnancy centers is being rolled out by Planned Parenthood, NARAL and pro-abortion legislators around the country. The abortion industry is trying to eliminate their prolife competition, by using pro-abortion legislators to pass laws that force prolife pregnancy centers to close their doors. The ACLJ is fighting back and has already won significant victories but the outcome of this battle will literally determine whether unborn babies live or die. Sign the petition to stop this today

The Messer’s, Missionaries to Cote de Ivory (Ivory Coast), they are currently in the US and praying (seeking God’s guidance) about going  back to the mission field.

Weekly Prayer Report Prison Fellowship invites you to join us in praying for the work being done in prisons throughout the country, and for the lives being touched by this ministry. This week, please pray:

For God’s Spirit to give wisdom and hope through the Marriage and Parenting seminar this weekend in our reentry program at the Arizona State Prison Complex, Perryville.

For new volunteers (men and women) for new ministry opportunities available in Los Angeles county jails.

For God to draw and equip many prisoners to worship in Spirit and truth at the weekly Sunday service at the Federal Corrections Institution on Terminal Island, California.

For the weekly Transformational Ministry/SOAR classes on Mondays at the Valley State Prison for Women in California.

That many inmates would come to know God’s love for them at the WINGS party being held at Denver Women’s Correctional Facility on Saturday, August 18.







More prayer requests

Please pray for Dan and Amy Tabb missionaries to Ireland as they look for a building to expand the work.

Please continue to pray for our friends at Well of Hope Academy in Uganda, now on top of all their financial needs there is an outbreak of Ebola in the country.

Please pray for Naida’s dad, Artimio, he is back in the hospital, he is 81 with many health issues

Please continue to pray for Stephen “Fuzzy Brown, as he recovers from a heart attach and for the family of his good friend Art Glenn who died last week while driving his big rig in Missouri.

Continue prayers for Shelia Walsh, Helen Speer, Rich Brown and other friends of this ministry who are recovering from serious health issues.

Please pray for the ARBCA missions commity that is meeting in Atlanta this week. they must decide whether or not to sponsor missionaries to Arabia and Ireland. Also please keep these families who have applied for the mission field in prayer.

FSM/FSMWO Bi-Weekly Prayer List

FSM/FSMWO Special Prayer

Requests Weeks of

Jul 29th – Aug 11th 2012


Please pray for Dan Cathy and the Chick-fil-A family as they are being the unduly persecuted and discriminated against for their “biblical” beliefs. “We are a family-owned business, a family-led business, and we are married to our first wives,” Cathy said. The chain, according to the report, has 1,608 restaurants, sales of more than $4 billion and employees who are trained “to focus on values rooted in the Bible.” Chick-fil-A’s across the country shut down on Sundays. “We don’t claim to be a Christian business,” Cathy said. “But as an organization we can operate on biblical principles.”

            Maybe the mayors of Boston, Chicago and the like would prefer companies with no principles to operate in their cities?

 Please pray for the church members and pastor in Mississippi who deemed it inappropriate to marry a Black couple in their church recently.

 Please pray for our friend Stephen Fuzzy Brown of So Blessed Ministries as he recovers from a heart attack.

 Please pray for Jose Matos of Set Free Prison Ministries, as he continues to deal with liver failure. He is on the donor list with two hospitals. Pray God would grant his strength to endure.

 Please pray for Helen Speer as she continues to recover from her stroke.

Please pray for our (Mike & Naida’s) neighbor Kathleen who is recovering from emergency colostomy surgery

Please pray for Shelia W. as she is in rehab hospital again dealing with imbalance issues.

 Please pray for Ashley, Bill P., Jessica and others seeking full time employment


Please continue to pray for Naida and I as we continue to pursue moving to MS as domestic missionaries.

As a first step of faith we listed our house for sale and are praying God will bring a buyer quickly.

From our ARBCA Friends

Update on Pastor Rob Shelby:

Pastor Rob is experiencing a complication in his rehab. He has developed a blood clot in his leg and they have confined him to bed for 48 hours while they increase his blood thinners in an attempt to dissolve it. Pray that God will dissolve the clot and protect him from the dangers associated with it.

The Shelby kids are scheduled to return to Baton Rouge on Friday. This will create new challenges for Amy as she balances her responsibilities as mother and wife with many trips back and forth from Baton Rouge to New Orleans. A relative has graciously provided her an apartment not far from the hospital. Although it is only one bedroom it will provide a place for her and the children when they are in New Orleans.

You may access updates from the Trinity Baptist Church website which has a link to Amy Shelby’s site.


Pastor Dale Crawford

Trinity Baptist Church, Baton Rouge

From Church Plant, Emmanuel RBC, Georgetown, TX

The third worship service of Emmanuel RBC of Georgetown, Texas was yesterday, July 22.  Steve Garrick from Heritage Baptist in Mansfield and Bob Curley from Sovereign Grace Baptist in Ontario, Cal. are the church planters.  There were 47 people in attendance! Twenty-five (25) were first time visitors.  Of those 25, 6 were from out of town; but, 19 were from the local community.  We thank God for doing His work in planting this church and for answering all the prayers for the success of the gospel and the honoring of God through this new church start.  We ask all of you to please continue praying fervently for the Lord Jesus to continue the amazing work He has done so far in this great New Testament evangelistic mission. 

In Christ, Pastor Steve Sovereign Grace Baptist Church

From Grace Bible Church in Catawissa, Pennsylvania

As I write this ARBCA update, I am reminded of God’s providence. First, I know that the brethren read these letters and truly pray for the churches in the association. Second, this is the seventh year of my writing these letters as pastor of GBC.  As I write, we the saints at GBC are preparing for our Vacation Bible School that starts today. In past years we had received up to 70 children from the church and community, and we are eager to see what the Lord has in store for us this year.

GBC is a rural church, and our pleasant church building is off the beaten path. Without an active evangelical leadership and faithfully working congregation, a church in our environment will find growth difficult. A core number of our members work extremely hard in Great Commission work. During this summer, our attendance has been down, especially in our Sunday School and Sunday evening services. We trust in the Lord that He is working out his sovereign plan for GBC, but I admit, I find it somewhat distressing.

This year our Sunday School focused on church history, and we stopped for a break after Luther. It was a good time to introduce a study of the church creeds, catechisms and confessions during our Sunday-evening meetings.  Our Sunday School is now focusing on prayer, led by our elder, Ray Batdorf. We have had a fine time in studying Genesis in our morning Service.

Our Wednesday evening fellowship is again under construction. We plan to continue our ministry to local children of the community in the autumn. We had considered using an AWANA program, but it did not find a strong approval by the congregation, and thus, we are still a work in progress as how we will continue this ministry. Also, I am currently planning two “Soup, Salad, and Seminar” lectures for the local college students this fall. So far, the plan is to study the “The Science and Faith of Joseph Priestley,” (who is buried in nearby Northumberland County). The second lecture has yet to be determined.

I ask our ARBCA brethren to remember us in prayer. Please pray that GBC will increasingly turn our hearts and lives so that we will pour ourselves as an oblation for the Lord, love the brethren in the local assembly, attend the meetings with faithful and joyful hearts and shine the Gospel as a beacon of light to our rural community. In other words, we are desperately in need of revival.

Covenantal Blessings to our ARBCA brethren,

Charles Busada, Pastor, Grace Bible Church, Catawissa, PA

The Great Shepherd Baptist Church, Philipines

God sustains us to go preaching in schools and very busy… we have no more gospel tracts now… I’ve tried to contact Bro. Manlapaz but there are no stocks yet… I have contacted a preacher in Batangas in Luzon area…the assistant of Bro. Riley… Bro. Ranil… he has many boxes stocks but they cannot send them via mail since they don’t have funds to send via mail… according to him a box that has 10,000 gospel tracts cost $30 to arrive here in Bacolod City plus a donation of $2.50 per box…. He told me to come there and fetch the gospel tracts to minimize expenses.

If I will order 20 boxes of tracts that is around 200,000 gospel tracts the cost of mailing is this:

1 box =$32.50 then the 20 boxes = $650.00

so the cost for 20 boxes is $650.00

If I and Bro. John Clyde will go there and get these 20 boxes it will cost around $50.00 for donation and around $300.00 for round trip airplane trips and bus trip from Manila to Batangas and boxes fees. So it will be $350.00 in all. I would rather go and fetch the 20 boxes to be able to get it cheaper.

We are praying that a cheerful giver Christians will sponsor the needed $350.00 to get the 20 boxes of gospel tracts. Please pray with us…. I have preached last week to Silay National High School around 5,000 students heard the gospel so we are out of gospel tracts to distribute… today I preached in Bago National High School around 5,000 students heard the gospel but no gospel tracts to give to them… tomorrow I will be preaching In Bago Central School on their flag ceremony… please pray with us that the around 3,500 souls will respond to the gospel. Amen… I have many schedules this month and next month ahead. We really need gospel tracts… My prayer that by second week of August we can travel to Manila to Batangas to fetch the 20 boxes… because first week I still have many preaching schedules… We need your help. We love you and praying for you all.

 Your fellow servants of JESUS

Bro. E. G. Varon


 Wells of Hope Academy, Uganda

 We are thanking everyone who is praying, all those who are thinking about us and even those who have written to sympathize. Even thou we still have huge needs, We exist in a continuous hope and we know that God’s intervention is not far from near.

 You can contribute or follow the building progress on facebook, click on

Francis Ssuubi Website:

The Robinson’s Missionaries to Bluegrass folks across the US

We heard the sad news that Susan Sallesa, who owns and promotes the White’s Beach festival, granddaughter, Kiara was just diagnosed with a rare bone marrow disease called A plastic Anemia. She is a sweet little 5 year old girl who is very very ill. I spoke with her Mom Erica who is understandably very afraid of losing her precious daughter. Please pray for Kiara. She is a little doll. There will be some fundraising efforts to help with the costly treatments including a bluegrass show in October. Pray the second round of treatments will stop her marrow from destroying itself. Also, please pray for Judy who was just diagnosed with ovarian cancer. We did hear a praise report from Wanna who after 13 years of horrific cramps was finally treated properly with a surgery to take out the blockage in her intestines and is feeling so much better. It’s given her a new lease on life. Finally, please pray for our dear friend Leora who is having surgery on her eyelids on August 1st. Continue to pray for our friend Keith Wescott who is beginning cancer treatments. He did come to the White’s Beach festival to see his son Jason performs with the band, The Grasshoppers.

We are hoping to catch up on some things this week and maybe actually get some rest before setting out for several weeks to finish our season with five more bluegrass festivals.

Friends of Jesus,

Mike & Mary Robinson


Weekly Prayer Report Prison Fellowship invites you to join us in praying for the work being done in prisons throughout the country, and for the lives being touched by this ministry. This week, please pray:

For the Bayview Correctional Facility reentry program in New York City as the ladies complete the courses and are released. Pray that the Lord provide the churches, mentors, and services specific to each participant’s needs.

That each of Prison Fellowship’s ministry teams across the country embraces our new e-learning curriculum.

For parents whose shame keeps them from talking about their child who is an inmate, that God may provide both comfort and courage.

 For state volunteer leaders as they support the mission of Prison Fellowship within their state.

 For the volunteer teams that continue to minister in non-staffed states, that God will bless their efforts








Common Grace

The following article from Prison Fellowship is an all to often occurance today. For more information on how you can help intergrate ex-mates into the community contact us or PF.

My friend had an anguished expression on his face.

 He had been out of prison for a year and a half, but his family was still struggling with the transition. His young kids were wondering why their dad didn’t feel comfortable at neighborhood barbecues and why he wasn’t coaching their sports teams. They couldn’t see the way the community still kept my friend at arm’s length, continuing to punish him for his crime.

 “When does the sentence end?” he asked me. “When will the community let me out of jail?!”

 “I don’t know,” I told him.

 We are all suffering these days from the absence of common grace in society. Divine grace is the unmerited favor God extends to us, but common grace is what we extend to one another because of what Jesus has done for us. Common grace doesn’t ask whether someone “deserves” it or not; it is given without condition, and if call we ourselves Jesus’ followers, it should be oozing out of us constantly.

 All too often, when Christian inmates like my friend are released from prison, they fail to find common grace. They have done their time and been forgiven of their sins through Jesus’ atoning act on the cross, but we, God’s ambassadors on earth, still see fit to judge them. Friends, this should not be. Former inmates need the Church, and the Church needs them; we are all eternally indebted to God’s saving grace.

 Many churches have opened their arms to ex-prisoners by becoming Prison Fellowship bridge churches, easing their reentry into society with mentoring, support, and material assistance. I invite you to learn more about becoming a bridge church by calling our National Program Support Center at 1(800)251-7411.

 For God’s Kingdom,

Jim Liske

CEO, Prison Fellowship Ministries

Values are important today

Under the present administration, strident measures are being taken to eliminate God, Christ, and the Bible from the public arena and beyond. Yet, it was not that long ago when another president had something very different to say. This is a remarkable video!

Pray that whomever is elected this fall, they will be as godly a man as this one was.

The Apologist

Our annual American Heritage edition of The Apologist is available via email or snail mail.

Please let us know if you wish a copy sent to a service member or unit, a facility you serve at (prison, hospital, rehab center etc.) or an individual.

If requesting an email copy you have a choice of a PDF file or Microsoft Publisher file.