You are correct Tom, I had not heard the OC had published or presented any findings yet.

Citizen Tom

The video starts at about 27-28 minutes.

The United States stands at the edge of a precipice. We are looking down at the bottom, and we are getting ready to step off the edge. Why? We are in the dark. We don’t know where we are standing or what we are looking at. Unfortunately, we are listening to soothing voices who tell us everything is okay. “Step off. It will be okay.”

It is a strange time. Our news media is supposed to inform us, but they are keeping us ignorant. Consider this search, james comer House Oversight Committee press conference. Except to pretend that the House Oversight Committee has nothing on President Joe Biden, the Liberal Democrat aligned news media did not cover the news conference.

Here is the committee’s report: Comer Reveals New Evidence in Biden Family’s Influence Peddling Schemes. If President Joe Biden has been…

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