Devotional Thought for Today – 02/10/2023

We continue our “Series in “Genesis.”



Chapter CONTEXT from MHCC: Hagar is the person mostly concerned in the story of this chapter, an obscure Egyptian woman, whose name and story we never should have heard of if Providence had not brought her into the family of Abram. Probably she was one of those maid-servants whom the king of Egypt, among other gifts, bestowed upon Abram (ch. 14:16). Concerning her, we have four things in this chapter:—I. Her marriage to Abram her master (v. 1-3). II. Her misbehaviour towards Sarai her mistress (v. 4-6). III. Her discourse with an angel that met her in her flight (v. 7-14). IV. Her delivery of a son (v. 15, 16).

Genesis chapter 16 Simplified Outline
Ge 16:1-3.Sarai, being barren, gives Hagar to Abram.
Ge 16:4-6.Hagar, being afflicted for despising her mistress, runs away.
Ge 16:7-12.An angel commands her to return and submit herself, promises her numerous posterity, and shows their character and condition.
Ge 16:13-14.Hagar names the place and returns to Sarai.
Ge 16:15.Ishmael is born.
Ge 16:16.The age of Abram.

If I had to summarize this chapter in one word it would be TRUST. Do you trust God to carry out His promises in His time frame?

Here we find Abram who has just in the previous chapter had a great covenant established between him and God taking it upon himself to fulfill a portion of that promise (15:5). Maybe Abram thought God needed help? Maybe he was like Adam and could not refuse his wife? No matter the reason it boils down to the fact that Abram did not TRUST God to provide the promised offspring, so he devised a plan of his own. Abram failed in his duty to be the Spiritual leader of his household.

Of course, we all know how well our own planning works out compared to God’s. Abram’s plan is no exception. Hagar becomes the victim of Abram and Sarai’s scheme and eventually, God has mercy on her and brings her back into the house of Abram. Yet this is not without consequence. ALL SIN has consequences and this is no exception, the son that Hagar bears from Abram, Ishmael, will himself become the father of many people. A people who will live in constant conflict with all others especially, God’s chosen.


Leadership in the Home – A Godly Man Leads (Series by Tim Challies)

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