For Every Beginning ~

CHRISTian poetry ~ by deborah ann

For every beginning,
there must be an end
just like a rainbow . . .
must have a bend.

But, He who has begun,
a good work in you
will be there to help
and see you through.

For what He begins,
will not fade away
what He has started
He’ll complete one day.

His love set in motion,
is constant and true
He’ll never cease
taking care of you.

His comfort is steady,
to soothe and to ease
He is always eager
to satisfy and please.

His hope is ceaseless,
forever it goes on
just like a new day . . .
must have a dawn.

His faithfulness persists,
no matter the season
He’ll always forgive you
no matter the reason.

His gentle, kind mercies,
are eternally bound
forever they comfort
they are yours to be found.

His truth sets us free,
from Satan’s deception
and He’ll liberate us…

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