There are many human ant-eaters!


There are many human ant-eaters!

(Charles Spurgeon, “Treasury of David“)Play Audio!Download Audio

“Their throat is anopen sepulcher!
Theyflatterwith their tongue.” Psalm 5:9
“Their throat is an open sepulcher!”That is, a sepulcher full of loathsomeness, of pollution, of pestilence, and death! But, worse than that, it is anopensepulcher, with all its evil gases issuing forth, to spread death and destruction all around. It is just so with the throat of the wicked!

It would be a great mercy if the mouth of the wicked could always beclosed. If we couldsealit in continual silence–it would be like a closed sepulcher, and would not produce much mischief. But, “their throat is anopensepulcher,” consequently all the wickedness of theirheartexhales and comes forth!

Howdangerousis an open sepulcher! Men in their journeys might easily…

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