Citizen Tom

What is not a good argument? Cognitive Dissonance ( Consider how the post starts.

The statement above is ad hominem. Against who? That the post does not say. Should we assume the author has in mind someone who disagrees with her about something? Seems pointless to write if she doesn’t.

Is the statement above true? Yes. Upon reflection virtually all of us will admit we have had this sort of problem. Who has not eventually changed his mind after stubbornly refusing to do so? Who has not been the victim of a bias he stubbornly refused to relinquish until it became too obviously ridiculous to persist?

We all have had our blind spots. At times we are all willfully blind. Given that, we should know enough to be wary of still having a blind spot or two or three, or four…..

So, what is wrong with the observation that…

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