Citizen Tom

Here is the fifth post in this series.

  • Part 1: Introduction
  • Part 2: How Much Money Do Our Leaders Want To Spend?
  • Part 3: What Additional Factors Can Produce Inflation?
  • Part 4: What Is Wrong With Price Controls?

In this post we will address the following.

Why Is Inflation A Tax?

Let’s take a side path for a moment, something to do with our last post in this series.

Lobotero begins his post, The Inflation ReductionAct (lobotero.com), with this nonsense.

Recently the Congress and the White House passed and signed a great bill that is suppose to help struggling Americans keep the prices of drugs down….


That post ends with this nonsense.

This is typical….the Congress installs loopholes that can be exploited by the donors that pay their representatives to make it easier for them exploit the people of this country.

So bend over my fellow…

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